Griffin Embers Cursors 0.1

Cursors by jameshardy88
The default cursor theme for the Griffin Embers Suite. It is an orange remix of the obsidian cursor theme, as such all credit should go to the original author. Hope you enjoy it and please let me know how i can improve it
Score 74.0%
Mar 01 2009

Guitar Cursor: Pick 2.1

Cursors by starcycle
Cursor theme full of guitar picks. On GNOME, 1. open System> Settings> Appearances, select 'Themes' tab. 2. drop archived file onto the window. You need some more steps on Ubuntu 10.04, 1. sudo gedit /etc/alternatives/x-cursor-theme. 2. in the doc, find "Inherits=xxx", replace "xxx" by...
Score 74.0%
Oct 30 2010

Harmony white 1.5

Cursors by ejrn
this is a modification of this theme http://kde-look.org/content/show.php/Harmony?content=104652 i modified the color and the animations
Score 74.0%
Oct 05 2011

Blue Illusion 2 - left handed version 2

Cursors by TeoBigusGeekus
Blue Illusion 2 - left handed version. I contacted fnaax via private message about whether he wanted to upload this on his original theme page. A month later and still waiting for a reply from him, I decided to upload it by my own.
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Score 74.0%
Jun 23 2011

DMZ with Red Color Halo [Multisized] 0.10

Cursors by markitos66
Important: If you do not like or have trouble installing a multisized mouse theme like this one, you can download it as a six pack mouse themes. You can install the ones you like six. http://gnome-look.org/content/show.php/DMZ+with+Red+Color+Halo+%5BPackage%5D?content=163336. Thank...
Score 74.0%
Mar 06 2014

Mac OSX Enhanced Package 3.00

Cursors by markitos66
Important: If you like multisized mouse themes and you do not have trouble installing, I suggest you install it, but as multisized. Only you will install a multisized mouse theme and will choose one of six. The address of my package is...
Score 74.0%
Feb 25 2014

bCircle v1.3

Cursors by markitos66
I've seeming that this theme has become it a very popular topic, so I decided to make some changes to improve it. I will appreciate any comments about this mouse theme. I did it a lot of changes to improve it: please see them on Changelog section. Was 32 pixels, now is 48 pixels. It has new...
Score 74.0%
Mar 06 2014

Neutral for both Left and Right Handed 0.00.01

Cursors by markitos66
Neutral X11 mouse theme with available cursors size: 32, 40, 48, 56 and 64 pixels. Neutral is called, because it is a subject that is for both: right and left handed. I am offering with property multi sized and also as pack for those who don't like or they have trouble for choose the cursor size...
Score 74.0%
May 30 2014

Ring Serie for Left Handed 2.0.0

Cursors by markitos66
Ring Serie for Left Handed : Black, Accent Blue Base, Accent Green Base, Orange Base, Accent Red Base and White. Available cursors size: 24, 32, 40, 48, 56 and 64 pixels. I am offering the full serie for right and left handed, with property multi sized and also as pack for those who don't like...
Score 74.0%
Nov 06 2014

TheDOT 0.3

Cursors by buda
TheDOT is a Mouse Theme with circles. It doesn't have a right or left arrow, which I find more ergonomic. Version 0.3 cleaned up and radiating watch pointer. Comes with light and dark flavour. Version 0.2 flowerlike watch pointer changed to pulsating points.
Score 74.0%
Oct 16 2015