openSUSE IBERIA - lacartu - Plymouth 0.1

Plymouth Themes by ketheriel
lacartu Plymouth Theme - openSUSE IBERIAInstall Instructions:- Check your distribution documentation on how to install Plymouth themes (if supported);- Select theme 'lacartu';- Rebuild initrd;DISCLAIMER: Test release, work in progress.
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Dec 03 2010

plymouth-theme-transformers 1.0

Plymouth Themes by pingsuters
Credit:--plymouth-floatinglogo & vizta.script by dinin; modified version by zeckman1138 & Charlie Brey's Script--logo & wallpaper copyright by Michael Bay Film :)## here is some of command for installing this plymouth-theme after you extract package## copy "transformers folder" to...
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Jul 09 2011

DM-Ubuntu Plymouth Theme 1.0

Plymouth Themes by daniel4umint
This plymouth theme is intended primarily for those who use dark or darker GTK / GDM / Icons theme.In essence, this is some sort of beta version of the Plymouth theme for Ubuntu. It is built on the model of AwOken [Awesome Token] Icons theme.The code is partly borrowed from other Plymouth...
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Oct 03 2010

Fantasy blue,grey,green,violet, Plymouth 1.1

Plymouth Themes by specialworld83
Italiano:Per installare il tema Mib dovete fare le seguenti procedure:tar xvzf Fantasy-Blue.tar.gzsupass: (inserire la vostra password)cp -rv /home/vostroutente/Fantasy-Blue /usr/share/plymouth/themesFatto questo per rendere definitivo il nostro tema fate così:plymouth-set-default-theme...
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Jun 14 2010


Plymouth Themes by CroMario
It is a remake of jimming´s plymouth theme:http://gnome-look.org/content/show.php?content=128830I´ve added HP logo.To Install on Ubuntu Lucid Lynx (10.04) do the following1. Extract the contents of the tar.gz hp_plymouth_1010 to your Desktop folder2. Open a terminal navigate to your desktop...
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Sep 07 2010

Powered by Gentoo BootSplash [fbsplash] 0.7

Plymouth Themes by leviath4n
Powered by Gentoo is my real first attempt to make a simple and elegant bootsplash for Gentoo.Available resolutions:- 1280x800- 1024x768- 1280x1024- 1600x1200- 1680x1050- 1440x900You can find installation instructions and download on my homepage.
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Jul 17 2010

Steam Plymouth Theme

Plymouth Themes by LegendaryBibo
Have you built yourself a DIY Steam box with the advent of Steam for Linux? Do you wish that you could make it more integrated with the appearance of Steam? Well here's one piece of the puzzle! Give plymouth (your bootsplash (the pretty thing before you get to the login screen)) a bit of that...
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Feb 23 2013

Squid Girl Plymouth Theme 0.5

Plymouth Themes by LegendaryBibo
A plymouth theme with Squid Girl running around.Squid Girl is an anime series based on the manga series by Masahiro Anbe. I do not claim to own this work in any way. This is a fan work for other fans of the series.TODO: - Improve quality of each frame. There are still image artifacts present. -...
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May 05 2013

Ubuntu 10.04 and 10.10 Plymouth Splash

Plymouth Themes by internauta2000
Is a my simple Ubuntu 10.04 and Ubuntu 10.10 Plymouth Splash Screen...Available for download in English and Spanish languages.Note:-Please before you install this theme make sure the plymouth is configured correctly with the screen resolution. Arrange the colors and resolution of plymouth:...
7 .4
Aug 16 2010

SHITbuntu plymouth theme 1.0

Plymouth Themes by ablablablablabla
Shitcore plymouth theme.
4 .9
Oct 28 2010