Add Right-Click Context Menu to Open New Files and Documents 1.0.2

Nautilus Scripts by angelad
Easy and light script to automate adding a context menu to Nautilus / Gnome Files to create a new document. ** Built in GNOME nautilus 3.22.3; not tested in other versions. ** Likely will not work in 3.26 as Nautilus is removing desktop icons. If you use Debian/Ubuntu-based distros (and haven't...
Score 50.0%
Jan 30 2020

Nautilus Copy Path/Name 1.2.2

Nautilus Scripts by chr314
add context menu items to copy files/dir path or name # Install Dependencies Fedora: sudo dnf install nautilus-python python3-gobject Ubuntu: sudo apt install python-nautilus python3-gi # Download & Install the Extension git clone https://github.com/chr314/nautilus-copy-path.git cd...
Score 67.5%
Jul 26 2019

gitg_here 1.0

Nautilus Scripts by mad13
Simple nautilus-python script for opening gitg in git repositories from context menu. h3. Instalation Simply run install.sh.
Score 50.0%
Jul 12 2019

OpenSubtitlesDownload 4.0

Nautilus Scripts by Emericg
OpenSubtitlesDownload.py is a small software written in python, built to help you quickly find and download subtitles for your favorite videos. It can be used as a nautilus script, or as a regular application working under GNOME or KDE desktop environments. You can also use it in full CLI mode...
Score 74.0%
Jul 10 2019

The Ultimate Nautilus/Nemo Scripts Pack 1.1

Nautilus Scripts by inameiname
The Ultimate Nautilus and Nemo Scripts Pack Creator: Inameiname Version: 1.1 Last modified: 19 March 2014 License: GPLv3+ This is The Ultimate Nautilus and Nemo Scripts Pack. I say this because these are scripts I have collected/tweaked/created/updated for several years. I figure it was...
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Score 70.0%
Aug 27 2018

Happy Desktop Ver 2 - Organize, Save, Restore Desktop Icons 2.00

Nautilus Scripts by drm200
This program is used to save/restore/align the Ubuntu and Mint Desktop icons positions when Nautilus, Nemo, or Caja is managing the desktop. I made this script so that I could easily restore icon positions on the Ubuntu desktop. The script also allows you to align icons to a user definable...
Score 60.0%
Oct 15 2017

Hash Checker 4.0.8 Check your downloads

Nautilus Scripts by Cooleech
ABOUT Hash Checker for Linux/Unix is small and useful tool for checking your downloads and other files with MD5, SHA1 and/or SHA256 hash. It comes with GUI completly translated in Croatian, English, Finnish, French, German, Greek, Italian, Romanian, Russian, Slovakian, Spanish and Traditional...
Score 84.8%
Aug 14 2017

tuncel 2.0

Nautilus Scripts by atilla
Tuncel is a fork of GPL licensed Heinemann J├╝rgen's rpmxdgtool, http://gitweb.hjcms.de/cgi-bin/index.cgi/rpmxdgtool/ It provides kde4/plasma/trinity service menus, nautilus-actions scripts for GNOME, caja-actions scripts for MATE, nemo-actions scripts for Cinnamon.Mandatory Build...
Score 50.0%
Apr 02 2017

Audio/Video/Image/Text/ISO Convert 0.999

Nautilus Scripts by marc41
Right-click on a file, and this script will decide what conversions are appropriate, ask some questions about what you want, and execute the proper command and options to convert it into something else. Multimedia: change formats, bitrate, framerate, size, aspect ratio, and more. Also strip...
Score 81.9%
Jan 05 2017

Batch convert documents 0.2

Nautilus Scripts by tongphe
A bash script which uses OpenOffice's (or LibreOffice) UNO bindings to convert many document formats to pdf, html..Dependencies: unoconv xclipInstallation: sudo install -m 755 batch-convert-documents /usr/bin/ copy nautilus scripts to ~/.local/share/nautilus/scripts/Other: KDE version:...
Score 68.0%
May 12 2016