Caja scripts pack 1 1.0

Nautilus Scripts by Titanio
Un pequeño pack de scripts para Caja, solo funciona en MATE o en su defecto, usando Caja. Scripts probados en mi Linux Mint 17 Qiana (MATE). ============================ A small collection of scripts for Caja, only works in MATE Desktop. Scripts tested in my Linux Mint 17 Qiana (MATE). NOTE:...
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Mar 20 2016

D.C al Fine (feenay) -an audio converter 0.67

Nautilus Scripts by drm200
Convert between flac, mp3, aac (m4a), and wav formats. Developed & tested on Ubuntu 14.04,but should work on Ubuntu 14.10 and 15.04 and probably others. Standard components: bash, zenity, sed, awk (should already be installed) Additional requirements - (available in the Ubuntu software...
Score 58.0%
Nov 11 2015

Convert PDF/PS to DJVU using DjvuDigital 1.0

Nautilus Scripts by Nonsmoker
With the help of this script, a selected PDF or PS-file is being converted into a Djvu-File using a program called DjvuDigital. DjvuDigital has to be compiled from source, which you may find difficult. By default, the script creates a Djvu-file with a resolution of 300 dpi. You can find out all...
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Oct 23 2015

Remuxer v0.2.0

Nautilus Scripts by klarkc
nautilus-remuxer Remuxing scripts without re-encoding for nautilus-scriptsPre-requisites FFmpeg (or libav) Zenity Gnome NautilusInstall Instructions Allow install.sh script (chmod +x install.sh) Execute install.sh script with ./install.sh Further instructions access our Github repository:...
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Jul 06 2015

Transtitulator video audio to a subtitle 1.3-4 final

Nautilus Scripts by baitsart
Transtitulator, translate audio, videos, and automatically write an susbtitles text file, .srt, do this with google speech recognition, and google-translate Usage: Transtitulator [path-to-video] [language-from] [language-to], Or browse to your video, and select the...
Score 68.6%
Jun 29 2015

Wallpaper manager

Nautilus Scripts by baitsart
On deb package, all language, . Links below The deb package, compile in /usr/bin, but use $HOME/.wallpaper_manager, to data files Install with gdebi-gtk, or from terminal: sudo dpkg -i wallpaper-manager_2.0.8.4-8_all.deb && sudo apt-get -f install You can install from the ppa by this...
Score 73.2%
Jun 29 2015

SystemClean 2.3

Nautilus Scripts by vagrale13
Description: With this script you can clean the system from unnecessary files.Not affect the settings of either the system or any program! Unpack - open the unpacked folder and read 'README' file before you continue! If you want to help with translation please read the archive Translation! * How...
Score 78.4%
Jun 07 2015

yeKcim's scripts 20150125

Nautilus Scripts by yek
There is a lot of nautilus scripts pack all over the web. But a lot of these scripts are not working very well: * no dependency error notification * Some of them only works in nautilus, some others only in nemo * Some of them only works with files that not contained spaces * etc So I decided to...
Score 53.3%
Jan 25 2015

Voice commands 95 Actions, 67 languages 1.0.2-5

Nautilus Scripts by baitsart
Watch ALL 95 ACTIONS AVAILABLES on README, file on GitHub:https://github.com/baitsart/voice-commands ########################## # Voice commands (command your PC speaking commands) # The function of this program starts running play_stop.sh script, which will start recording your voice, and if...
Score 63.3%
Sep 10 2014

risolve-update-v-8.sh.tar.gz v-8

Nautilus Scripts by Amico23
The scripts work on systems with language Italian (Sorry) Easy to use solves the most common problems of update. Script risolve in automatico tutti i problemi piu' comuni legati all' update! Basta lanciarlo e isolvera' i problemi di chiavi, 404 ed altri. Aggiornera' il sistema e lo ripulira'.
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Aug 29 2014