Kill Process 0.1

Nautilus Scripts by caezsar
Copy script to your home partition (~/.gnome2/nautilus-scripts) , select from list the process for killing. This script allows you to see and terminate only your $USER processes with the default signal 15 (SIGTERM).
Rating: 6.5
Jun 15 2013

Traductor, google tts y translate 0.1

Nautilus Scripts by baitsart
Also in english, and all languages! Traductor multilingüe, texto a voz, número ilimitado de palabras ! Éste es un script para traducir, y hablar el texto que le ingrese, lo puede hacer con doble clic he ingresar el texto, o desde la terminal en la carpeta que esté el script con el...
Rating: 6.7
Jun 05 2013

Image to grub2 1.0

Nautilus Scripts by baitsart
Funciones: "Wallpaper-en-grub": Rastreará su imagen de fondo de escritorio, y la pondrá como imagen en el cargador de arranque de grub2. "Seleccionar-imagen": Abre el diálogo de selección de archivos, y debe navegar hasta la imagen que desea poner como imagen del...
Rating: 6.7
May 29 2013

Desktop wallpaper to grub2 image 1.0

Nautilus Scripts by baitsart
Éste script rastreará su imagen de fondo de escritorio, y la pondrá como imagen en el cargador de arranque de grub2 Debes ejecutar "wallpaper-grub" con doble clic, o desde la terminal puedes ejecutar directamente setup.sh. No debes mover de ésta carpeta los script, pero puedes renombrar la...
Rating: 6.7
May 22 2013

Steganography 0.1

Nautilus Scripts by caezsar
You can use this script to hide files or archives in a picture! Extract archive and copy folder in /home/$USER/.gnome2/nautilus-scripts/ When you add a picture and a file make sure that are no spaces in path or in file name. For extraction just click on the image you have create it and navigate...
Rating: 6.8
May 22 2013

Cleaning System name_file~ name_file.old 1.0

Nautilus Scripts by sivia81
Cleaning system Backup files ending name_file~ name_file.old :
Rating: 6.0
May 21 2013

newrez-v 0.2

Nautilus Scripts by marc41
Newrez-v is a script for systems where my "newrez" script does not work properly. This script sets up a VNC server on your system, with a virtual screen size that can be larger than the physical screen. It then starts a VNC client to view that server, scaled to the current screen size. The...
Rating: 6.0
Apr 21 2013

web2pdf-ps 0.1

Nautilus Scripts by caezsar
Extract archive to /home/$USER/.gnome2/nautilus-scripts and make sure both files are executable! Run the scripts! Copy from browser and enter the website address you want to save!
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Rating: 6.5
Mar 22 2013

Clamscan nautilus script

Nautilus Scripts by Yirt
Clam scanAV for nautilus copy to ~/.gnome2/nautilus-scripts/ Open terminal-> Edit-> profile settings-> title and command on line: When you exit the command - set value: Keep the terminal open Does not work if the file or directory, there are two or more standing one by one space,...
Rating: 4.3
Jan 24 2013

Instalator 2.1

Nautilus Scripts by sivia81
Installs themes icons cursor mouse theme windows fonts and the settings. To install you need to install the file according to whether tar or zip and then the options to display or copy and paste specify the exact name of the font issue ....
Rating: 5.3
Jan 12 2013