Dark Reign Gnomenu Menu 1.0

GnoMenu Skins by dragon647
A Gnomenu theme for the old Dark Reign game. Gnomenu button and panels:http://gnome-look.org/content/show.php/Dark+Reign+Gnomenu+%2B+panels?content=141132Wallpapers:http://gnome-look.org/content/show.php/Dark+Reign+wallpapers?content=141122Thanks for watching =]
5 .8
Apr 24 2011

Portal gnome theme 1.1

GnoMenu Skins by dragon647
Only a test, based on the default GPL iTheme from gnomenu. Only for the first version, after I will do something closer to the level design from portal...(part of my full portal game theme)Enjoy, comments appreciated.
6 .7
Apr 20 2011

Baghira-leopard(menu and button) 1.0

GnoMenu Skins by Goomy
A very simple theme for GnoMenu which tries to blend with my OSX-alike GTK theme.This is my first theme and I hope you will like it. ;-)The paw image was found here:http://baghira.sourceforge.net/spinoffs.shtml
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5 .0
May 23 2009

Buuf Gnomenu Theme 1.0

GnoMenu Skins by christophermluna
This is a Gnomenu Theme I made to go with my Emerald Theme for Buuf.A word of warning: this theme is very very small. I made this theme for my touchscreen netbook, just 1024 by 600 pixels.In the archive I've included the GIMP xcf file, so an intrepid customizer should be able to make the theme...
5 .8
Aug 14 2010

Seven (ish) theme 1.1

GnoMenu Skins by asilaydyingdl
This is a Gnomenu theme that is similar to the start menu in Windows Seven (note that I said "similar"). The scrollover effects are more vista-ish in nature, and the shortcuts on the right of the panel have a blue background instead of a white (because I am unable to change the font color). ...
5 .0
Mar 21 2009


GnoMenu Skins by BigFatTony
Ying & Yang Buttons:Extract the "Y+Y"-folder to GnoMenu's Themes/Button folder, usually /usr/share/gnomenu/Themes/Button/.
5 .0
Dec 25 2008

SudUbuntu Gnomenu Start Button 2.0

GnoMenu Skins by gsaw
This is a Gnomenu Start Button i did in order to fit with Rodofr's SudUbuntu icon theme's look.I did two versions. One is to use with Dust windows theme.To install, just extract the archive and copy the two folders to /usr/share/gnomenu/Themes/ButtonThanks to Rodofr for his wonderfull...
5 .0
Dec 18 2008

UbuntuBar Gnomenu Start Button

GnoMenu Skins by gsaw
A simple and transparent Gnomenu start button that fits with every theme... Enjoy! xxxTo install, just extract the archive and copy the folder (as root) to /usr/share/gnomenu/Themes/Button
5 .0
Jan 05 2009

Shiki XP

GnoMenu Skins by lowrence55
Perfectly integrated in Shiki gkt2 theme (http://www.gnome-look.org/content/show.php/Shiki-Human+Mod+(Shiki-Colors)?content=110581).I hope you like it!
5 .8
Nov 23 2009


GnoMenu Skins by lowrence55
Brown Xp Menu Version.I hope you like it!
5 .0
May 11 2009