Asgard 3.14-1.3

Gnome Shell Themes by DarkBeastOfPrey
Asgard: Dark GNOME Shell theme. Tested with Gnome 3.14 Should also work with Gnome 3.12 If you use the Dash to Dock extension you will get more functionality with this theme, such as focus of the running application. It seems there is a bug in GNOME. So if you want to see the correct calendar...
Score 70.0%
Feb 10 2015

Capazul (3.2 Compatible!) 1.4

Gnome Shell Themes by plaidcounty
I used one of my all-time favorite hex-coded colors for the base of this theme: #336699. Love that color! Enjoy! Installation: Put the 'Capazul' folder inside ~/.themes and use a theme-selector extension to select it. OR, backup your /usr/share/gnome-shell/theme folder and replace everything...
Score 70.0%
Oct 20 2011

Star Trek Blue 0.1

Gnome Shell Themes by samriggs
This was a theme I started as Spacey Pink [link] I decided to make a blue version but it was suggested I make it a star trek theme by Autocrosser (thanks :) ) So keeping it as a blue theme I added some star trek to it. So it's a mix. The only thing you might have to do is change the width of the...
Score 70.0%
Sep 19 2011

Delta shell-black 5.4

Gnome Shell Themes by ejrn
just an other theme for gnome shell thought to be elegant and transparent with high contrast support some gnome shell extensions like dock, mint extestions and others.
Score 68.8%
Dec 15 2011

Elementary Viper 1.1

Gnome Shell Themes by viper200
I know its been done before but this is just my version of the elementary theme. Feedback is really appreciated.
Score 70.0%
Sep 16 2011

Utopia 1.0

Gnome Shell Themes by MIRO-Design
Info Distro: Linux Mint 12 Lisa (Awesome) Icon theme: AvOken by Alecive Wallpaper: from Internet^^ Font: Ubuntu Requirements - Gnome Shell 3.2 - gnome-shell-extension-user-theme - gnome-tweak-tool - MGSE-shell-extension Installation - Extract the zip file - Move the extracted folder to ~/.themes...
Score 70.0%
Nov 25 2011

Ambiance-Like GS

Gnome Shell Themes by tgraeca84
Just a Gnome shell theme that fits to the default theme of Ubuntu. Based on Unia and HopeDT themes.
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Score 70.0%
Jan 16 2012

Nocturnal 1.2

Gnome Shell Themes by elchacmool
Gnome shell & Cinnamon theme Nocturnal is a minimalistic theme with dark gray tones and some transparency. I put great detail to achieve high visual quality and aesthetics, I hope you like. All you have to do is load the zip that comes with the theme into the GNOME Tweak Tool and then two...
Score 70.0%
Jun 26 2012

Gnome Shell Ribbon 3.4

Gnome Shell Themes by jasyec
Description: Gnome Shell theme gray whit bottoms in blue compatible whit version 3.4 --- Installation Instructions for other distros: Extract the zip file to the themes directory i.e. "~/.themes/" or "/usr/share/themes/". Install the User Theme Extension and use the Gnome Tweak tool to choose...
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Score 70.0%
May 14 2012


Gnome Shell Themes by sauravmajumder
This is my first gnome shell theme.Its a fusion of best looks. Hope you will enjoy it. Soon i m gonna upload my glass-transparent theme.plz rate this & report any kind of bug.
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Score 70.0%
Sep 16 2012