Gnome Shell Themes by CrazyT
I finally completed my first theme ever, there are still a few things I'd like to modify but will do in time. I called it ANewLook and it's based off of gnome-shell-theme-ANewStart by *alecive http://alecive.deviantart.com/art/A-New-Start-1-3-169100684? (who has been a big help to me in figuring...
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Dec 19 2011

Greyness Gnome Shell Theme

Gnome Shell Themes by CrazyT
Hello again,Notice: I made the top panel really small to save some monitor real estate if it's to small, let me know. Plus it looks cool! ;-) I had this wallpaper and thought I would create a shell and gtk theme to match. I created a neutral color instead of matching like orange (even though...
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Jan 22 2012

Think Correctly GS Theme

Gnome Shell Themes by CrazyT
A Gnome Shell theme to match this awesome wallpaper http://fav.me/d2mjyqi
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Jan 28 2012

Delta-shell-orange 1

Gnome Shell Themes by ejrn
a theme based on my Delta shell theme white. if you want you can change the color modifing the css file
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Dec 01 2011

Gnome Shell Ambiance Colors

Gnome Shell Themes by Osiris-MP
The colors of Ambiance integrated in the top panel of Gnome Shell.
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Jul 09 2012

GNOME Shell - NeoGeniX by *half-left

Gnome Shell Themes by abhisheklalnediya
ReShared __::Orginal::__ This is a GNOME Shell theme based on the NeoGeniX XP theme by dobee. NeoGeniX by dobee (thanks for the permission to port this theme). iDrops wallpaper by nyolc8 NeoGeniX Icons Suite by kali2005 Instructions: Backup your theme directory first. Extract the zip file and...
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Jul 12 2011

subCYAN 0.1

Gnome Shell Themes by ptjoshman
subCYAN Gnome Shell Theme. Based on "Mint-Z" for Gnome shell 3.2. Tested on LinuxMint 12. Also includes GTK 2.X/3.X and Metacity themes. INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS************* Extract theme to ~/.themes/subLIME. Enable theme in Gnome Tweak Tool (or Advanced Settings). Type "Alt+F2" then press...
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Dec 13 2011

Here and There 1.0

Gnome Shell Themes by zoelavie
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Nov 10 2011

AiOS 1.9

Gnome Shell Themes by Adlorem
AiOS gnome shell theme. Initial release. Test environment was Ubuntu. Still work in progress. Works with Gnome ver 3.+ . Download located on Deviantart. Before installation backup your existing gnome shell theme.
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Nov 27 2011

Black Glass Gnome-shell theme 1.0

Gnome Shell Themes by thongstele
This is my first gnome-shell theme for Gnome 3.2. I use it for Fedora 16 and I feel satisfied about it. Please comment for this theme.
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Dec 12 2011