Gnomeorg (3 & 3.2) 1.2

Gnome Shell Themes by viper200
A shell theme based on the look of the gnome.org website. All comments are welcomed. Update 1.1: did a few changes for those who where finding slower than the default plz do let me knw if its better or the same now. update1.2: Now Gnome 3.2 compatible NOTE: the download contains two packages...
Score 71.7%
Oct 15 2011

AmbiGlass Tested on Gnome 3.2

Gnome Shell Themes by rvc-2011
The Shell Theme created with an inclination towards my favourite theme Ambiance. I ve used the adwaita shell theme and modified it to suit the transparency and give the ambiance look in transparency. hope this theme is received well. Dark Wallpaper will suit better for this theme. Thank You for...
Score 71.7%
Nov 21 2011

Brushed Metallica Tested on Gnome 3.2

Gnome Shell Themes by rvc-2011
My 2nd Shell theme created with visualization of textures (1st one is wood n tux). The theme was inspired by the wonderful metal mega pack wall created by illnanny which you can find it here => http://ilnanny.deviantart.com/gallery/?q=wallpaper+pack#/d3498gz Requirements: a) Gnome3.2 b) MGSE...
Score 72.2%
Dec 10 2011

aero theme pack gnome3.2/cinnamon1.2

Gnome Shell Themes by rvc-2011
Gnome Shell Theme created in continuum of AmbiGlass Shell Theme. This theme will suit for light GTK3 themes and light wall papers. REQUIREMENTS: Gnome 3.2 / Gnome-Shell Cinnamon 1.2 INSTALL: The zip contains 2 different folders (each for cinnamon and gnome-shell, seperated). for gnome-shell or...
Score 71.7%
Jan 25 2012

Prophet-2 Theme + Metacity 3.4

Gnome Shell Themes by linuxlex
Main Theme new versions LinuxLexOS Prophet 12 Sample Theme modified for LinuxLexOS Prophet 13: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L1puvbllSlo
Score 71.7%
Apr 24 2012

Mountain Shell 0.3

Gnome Shell Themes by DzaDze
Mountain Shell - Theme for Gnome-Shell It is a simple, elegance, perfect Gnome-Shell theme, which was designed to provide the maximum usability for everyday usage, bringing the elegance and beautiful to the desktop at the same time. Inspired (most of the elements) by the new Mountain Lion OSX,...
Score 71.7%
Oct 09 2012

MixtureD Gnome-Shell Theme 2.0

Gnome Shell Themes by flamero
Please read the whole description. 2.0 UPDATE!! Made to work on the newer Gnome-Shell(the one on Ubuntu 12.10). Download → http://www.mediafire.com/?izkljxid5rf1asi 1.1 UPDATE!! Enhanced install and uninstall files. Background images included on the download file. If you use an older version...
Score 72.2%
Oct 13 2012

Sombre Porcelaine 0.6

Gnome Shell Themes by misterair
A dark Gnome-Shell theme initially based on Faeince theme, but now it seem totaly different. ;-) Small panel for a maximum windows space, adapted for dark wallpaper. I advise to use AwoKen icon theme (here: http://gnome-look.org/content/show.php/AwOken?content=126344)
Score 72.2%
Oct 26 2012

Adwaita X Red 2.0

Gnome Shell Themes by xerukm
This is a gnome-shell theme based off of Adwaita, with a hint of red. GTK3 ENGINES REQUIREMENT: Ubuntu/Mint/Debian distros: sudo apt-get install gnome-themes-standard GTK2 ENGINES REQUIREMENT: Ubuntu/Mint/Debian distros: sudo apt-get install gtk2-engines-murrine...
Score 72.2%
Jul 17 2013

Ostfriesland 1.2.0

Gnome Shell Themes by prdiewelt
Gnome Shell theme for Gnome version 3.8/3.6. This theme is a modification of Frieze. However, optically it looks quite different. It is my first theme. ========== Known issues ========== • When using multiple monitors, only the background of the primary monitor is changed when switching to...
Score 72.2%
Jul 18 2013