Window Applets 0.3

Gnome Extensions by holodeck
GNOME Panel applets substitute the maximized window title and buttons. I've decided to make it because GNOME violates Fitts's Law by putting a panel between the maxed window buttons and the corner of the screen. These applets were designed to solve the problem. Window Title and Window Buttons...
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Aug 03 2017

Extended Places Menu Extension 1.5.4

Gnome Extensions by petrakis
Extended Places Menu Extension NEW 1.5.4- SSH Menu added (ssh,rdesktop,putty)- fixed bookmarks support if bookmarks are hard-linked to external device- multi-language readyTRANSLATIONSdownload the pot file and send the translations to wdt.developers@gmail.comAvailable language packs will be...
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Dec 11 2011

Window List Extension 0.2

Gnome Extensions by KurtRottmann
This Gnome Shell extension tries to transform the Application Menu to a window list.Tested in Fedora 16 and GNOME Shell 3.2.1INSTALLATION:- Uncompress windowlist-02.tar.gz- Copy both directories to /home/yourname/.local/share/gnome-shell/extensions/- Restart the shell: ALT + F2, type "r" and...
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Nov 25 2011

Big Sur Menu for Gnome Desktop 1.0

Gnome Extensions by fkorpsvart
Big Sur Menu for Gnome DesktopThis is a fork of "Poppy Menu" that I have modified adding some functions and decorations to make the menu more similar to the macOS menu in its Big Sur version and thus bring it to Gnome as an extension in the Shell.InstallationThere are two ways to install the...
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Sep 30 2020

focus effect update 1.0

Gnome Extensions by dams69
add transparency to gnome-shell windowyou'll need git to download itunzip the downloaded file then put the folder into usr/share/gnome-shell/extensionavailable soon at https://extensions.gnome.orgjust waiting for a review...
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Aug 16 2012

Big Sur Status Area 1.0

Gnome Extensions by fkorpsvart
Big Sur Status Area This is a fork of panel-indicator from "lvitals Repository" y panel-indicator from "lenuswalker Repository" that I have modified to bring the macOS Big Sur "System Tray" look to Gnome, moving the Gnome panel icons to the "Status Area", separating the icons and giving a better...
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Sep 30 2020

gnome-overview-conf 0.10

Gnome Extensions by vbextreme
edit your overview configurationsee on github for more information
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May 14 2018

Hybrid-DAW-Dock-Extension-Theme Final

Gnome Extensions by draco23hack
Theme for the gnome-shell dock extension now part of the theme as it is the bottom panel extension, now everything is integrated, when you install my theme you have everything in one, no more changes or having to deal with the dock extension's file or anything like that, install this theme and...
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Feb 25 2012

Showtime Horizontal - Desktop Widget 2.0

Gnome Extensions by exenatt
Showtime Horizontal is Gnome Extension to Show Clock and Date on Desktop like Desktop Widget.I rewrite Extension from Showtime Budget Desktop Plugin from Vala to Gjs.You can move Widget by Press SUPER + Drag widget to anywhere on Desktop.
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Aug 16 2020

Gnome lightdm Lock screen 0.1

Gnome Extensions by Donaldp
Gnome extension for g3.10 that adds a lock function to gnome for Lightdm
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Aug 20 2014