Longest List of Internet Radio Stations

Various Gnome Stuff by Brahimsalem
- This is the longest list of radio stations which I made for Radio TrayTo install:copy the extracted file, 'bookmarks.xml', to ~/.local/share/radiotray
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Jul 01 2015

Sphere for FBReader 0.2

Various Gnome Stuff by ZMA
Sphere for FBReader Mod. icon theme Calibre Set for Sphere 1.4 by potzblitz7 http://gnome-look.org/content/show.php/Calibre+Set+for+Sphere+1.4?content=165636To install it, unpack it as root: /usr/local/share/pixmaps/FBReader (FreeBSD)It can also be as root (sudo nautilus or sudo caja):...
7 .0
Apr 07 2015

4 themes for FBReader

Various Gnome Stuff by ZMA
4 themesBee cell for FBReader, Gears for FBReader, Hedgehogs for FBReader, Postage Stamps for FBReader.To install it, unpack it as root: /usr/local/share/pixmaps/FBReader (FreeBSD)It can also be as root (sudo nautilus or sudo caja): /usr/share/pixmaps/FBReader (Linux)Complete icons themes...
5 .8
Feb 14 2015

Entelechy 0.3

Various Gnome Stuff by LaraSkav
This is a example of Conky theme to match with Entelechy themeThis work and all files is licensed under a CC-BY-NC-SA 4.0 International License.
5 .3
Jan 28 2015

B & W tint2 panel 1

Various Gnome Stuff by Gnom-IK
Hi everyone! I like tint2 ,so I decided to create some theme for it) I hope you'll like it =)
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Jan 21 2015

MiCRO SLiM Theme 0.1

Various Gnome Stuff by tskr
5 .0
Jan 17 2015

Additional badges for unity-greeter 0.2

Various Gnome Stuff by Zombifier
A set of additional badges for LightDM's unity-greeter. As of now, only a small number of WMs and DEs have their own badges in the unity-greeter, while the rest came up as empty circles. This little project contains badges for almost every DEs and WMs that I can find with apt-file, from some of...
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5 .8
Jan 17 2015

"Tlen Revival" emoticons for Kadu 1.2

Various Gnome Stuff by michalje
Emoticons for Polish instant messenger Kadu.Instalation:Copy dir "tlen revival" to:/home/USER/.kadu/emoticons/http://www.kadu.im
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5 .0
Jan 09 2015

Vertex theme integration for Seamonkey 0.21

Various Gnome Stuff by sr1234
Vertex for Seamonkey 2.30
5 .8
Dec 25 2014


Various Gnome Stuff by litrzlo
Background picture size --1000x20px
5 .0
Dec 03 2014