Itachi Theme Gnome Pie 1.0

Various Gnome Stuff by degel
Tema itachi para gnome pie(1) Requerimientos- gnome shell- gnome-pie lanzador (2) Instrucciones$ cd descargas$ tar xvzf itachiv1.tar.gz$ sudo cd -a itachiv1 /usr/share/gnome-pie/themes-ingresar contraseña y listo!(3) SoporteDeja tu comentario, para ver en que puedo ayudarte.
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Feb 15 2013

Light Tint 1.0

Various Gnome Stuff by Gnom-IK
That is config for light panel tint2. To install you must copy this file to ./.config/tint2 . To apply changing you can run comand at terminal: killall -SIGUSR1 tint2 But I must to warn you yhat configuration is build for Lubuntu and Pcmanfm! If you using Nautilus you may change line...
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Feb 05 2013

shot 02

Various Gnome Stuff by darek
conky mine : more info on http://webdarek.tumblr.com/xfce theme: prelude-dfr http://xfce-look.org/content/show.php/prelude-dfr?content=148144vlc skin: darkmystique.vlt http://gnome-look.org/content/show.php/Dark+Mystique+v1.0?content=156754wallpaper: 'clean wallpaper'...
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Feb 04 2013

shot 01

Various Gnome Stuff by darek
big image here: http://postimage.org/image/kvydlzf11/
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Feb 02 2013

Zukitwo Chrome Scrollbars 0.8

Various Gnome Stuff by Diseant
Hello!I give you some new feature to your Google Chrome (Chromium or SRWare Iron) Web Browser. If you use Zukitwo theme and this browser, scrollbar doesn't look fine.So... I've made a simple file, what you must paste in your Google Chrome configuration directory...
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Jan 23 2013

Theme Gnome Pie Sharingan 1

Various Gnome Stuff by zodz
Theme for gnome pie.Install:decompresses tar.gz and move to:/usr/share/gnomepie/themesDescomprime el tar.gz y mueve el directorio a:/usr/share/gnomepie/themesVisit my youtube:http://youtube.com/user/zodz9999
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Jan 20 2013

Custubuntu 0.7.3

Various Gnome Stuff by caezsar
Custubuntu is an application for installing themes , icons and indicators in ubuntu and to make some changes to your visual styles and nautilus settings!Download and install!Enjoy!Added SolusOS Patch for nautilus and Nemo File Manager installation!Aded remove option for themes and icons pack and...
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Jan 07 2013

Auto Update for SolusOS 1.2

Various Gnome Stuff by Groni1
I have write a little script to update SolusOS automatically with one click.Between the step's i have inserted a Break of 10 second's so that you could read the text. What you must do:Download the rar-datei unrar the archive and copy the file's "update.sh" and update.png in a directory of your...
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Dec 30 2012

ICQ Classic Tray icons for Pidgin 1.0

Various Gnome Stuff by MikotoS
ICQ Classic Tray icons for Pidgin.32x32. But really size is 24x24 as old known classic icq icons.Unpack archive. Goto to /usr/share/pixmaps/pidgin/tray/hicolor/32x32/status backup old icons and replace with files from archive.enjoy!
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Dec 28 2012

Commitment 1.0

Various Gnome Stuff by krewetki
This is a tattoo I spotted and decided to share.
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Nov 25 2012