tb2kmail 0.1.2

System Software by mss
tb2kmail is a Perl script which may be used to export The Bat! mail archives into a directory structure which KMail likes. It runs under Windows because it needs the The Bat! executable to export the mail. The script was written already some years ago (for The Bat! 1.x) and it was reported that...
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Jan 06 2004

aB Backup Tools 0.3

System Software by dec0ding
Toolset for creating and maintaining backups and recoveries of important data on your system.
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Jan 25 2004

resyn-qt-bash 0.2

System Software by nowardev
THIS IS ONLY FOR SMART TESTERS.... it's not ready for users... the bash script you can auto syncronize folders there are 2 configuration files "$HOME/.kde/resyn-qt/folders_INPUT.lst" "$HOME/.kde/resyn-qt/folders_OUTPUT.lst" the script will read line by line the input folder to syncronize with...
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Oct 26 2010

meta-backup-kde all

System Software by socialdefect
Meta Backup is a very handy tool to backup your software selection and repositories in a deb meta package. Beware this is not a full backup solution but comes in very handy when setting up systems using only the same software selection This version is to be used on the KDE desktop...
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Nov 20 2010

StoreMan 2.01

System Software by fme
StoreMan is a combination of a comfortable backup program and a db based archive manager. The software is ideal suited to store backup / archive files on a (Free)NAS box and on USB disk drives (as well as on a local harddisks) - and for searching files without the need to have the storage...
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Oct 09 2014

AbZip 1.5

System Software by abelayer
AbZip is a Qt based C++ class for creating Zip archives. Its not a wrapper for other Zip/Unzip code but accesses the archives directly via QIODevice I created this code after I needed to archive files for another project I was working on. I started to use QuaZip but quickly found problems with...
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Jun 16 2016


System Software by fatg3rman
Here's a 'set it and forget it' backup system which might look rather familiar to the backup solution supplied with a certain well-known fruit based computer.It comes with a configuration interface for KDE's plasma desktop. Please see the Wiki at https://sourceforge.net/p/ktardis/wiki/Home/ for...
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Dec 30 2012

Kpar2 for KDE4 0.4.5

System Software by max63
Port of the Kpar2 frontend for libpar2 on KDE4. It depends (rather obviously) on libpar2 and sigc++ to be installed. You must install the developers packages on most distributions in order to be able to compile KPar2. They are called libpar2-dev sigc++2.0-dev and on Debian, and libpar2-devel and...
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Nov 24 2009

KDigest Ruby Rewrite

System Software by Flameeyes
KDigest is a simple program to check and create digest files, like SFVs and MD5SUMS The first version (0.1) of the program was named KSFV, but there was already a software so called, and so the new name from version 0.2. The three versions were released in a small time, because I usually work on...
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Dec 10 2005

YADSync 1.0

System Software by danleweb
YADSync (yet another directories sync) is a simple tool to easy synchronize a set of directories. This allow you to save your important documents on different locations just in case …
Score 50.0%
May 29 2009