Dell Inspiron kfani8k Debian Package 0.2-1

System Software by TheIconoclast
KFanI8K provides the control of your Dell Inspiron 8k fans, through a graphic interface based on QT3.x/KDE3.x. It also works on many other Dell laptops. This control can be manual or automatic.I have not seen any work done on this app since April 2003, but it still works and here's a package for...
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Aug 22 2004

Distccmon-Qt 0.1

System Software by lane
Distccmon-Qt is a Qt based monitoring tool for distcc(distcc.samba.org), a distributed C/C++ compiler which helps you to speed up compilations. Installation instructions can be found in the tarball.Comments, bug reports, feature wishes to michael .a.t. michael-goettsche.de
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Mar 21 2005

Simple Installer 0.7

System Software by sequitur
Simple Installer started really simple, then got more features. To some it looks imposing, but it is still easy to use. It's both more and less geeky all at once.Note that the archive now includes both the old version and a new one that requires Kommander 1.0 RC1. If you have the latest...
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Aug 06 2004

Krusader 2.0.0

System Software by shie
.. is an advanced twin panel (commander style) file manager for KDE 3,similar to Midnight or Total Commander (formerly Windows Commander), withmany extras. It provides all the file-management features you could possiblywant.Plus: extensive archive handling, mounted filesystem support, FTP,...
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Apr 16 2009

Font Installer PreKDE4.0 0.8

System Software by CraigD
This is an update to KDE's font installer. The main change is the addition of a "font management" mode - to allow fonts to be grouped, and enabled/disabled.Screenshot 1 shows the "standard" mode, this is similar to the existing installer, and is meant for people who just want to add and remove...
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May 31 2006

UFW KControl Module 0.4.3

System Software by CraigD
This is a KDE control center module to configure and control the Uncomplicated Firewall, as shipped with Kubuntu 10.10. The following features are supported:1. Enable/disable firewall2. Configure firewall default settings3. Add, edit, and remove rules4. Re-order rules via drag'n'drop5....
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May 23 2012

File Activity Viewer 0.2.0

System Software by pupeno
File Activity Viewer opens a file and shows you the last lines (this is configurable) and then keeps waiting for changes in that file.It works like a graphical (with GUI) tail -f.
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Jun 26 2004

Filelight 1.0

System Software by MxCl
Filelight creates an interactive map of concentric segmented-rings that represent the sizes of files and directories on your computer.* KIO support, check disk usage on your web server or grandma's linux box* KPart for quick disk usage checks while in Konqueror
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Sep 01 2006

KTrayNetworker 0.8c

System Software by stefano
This program put an icon into KDE tray, it highlights network activityLook on the websiteLAST RELEASE is 0.8I'm working on tranlations, tanks Lenz, QuiquePlease send feedback- send networks names- make iconset :)- can you help me to translsate it?- manual?
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Apr 25 2005

quickSearch 0.2

System Software by sarahb523
This is a tiny kommander tool for searching files with locate and ebuilds with esearch (gentoo related).Be aware of locate. if there are to much results it can take a few minutes to show the result. If you can't wait press the "stop" button
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May 28 2004