Burg-manager 1.1.0

System Software by ingalex
Burg-manager is an intuitive interface that simplify installation and configuration of burg bootloader. Burg-manager allows to install many beautiful themes from a big gallery. Latest release allows to:-install Burg, Burg-themes and a Burg emulator-set timeout-set your favourite theme-set the...
7 .6
Jan 12 2011

Multi-Platform File Manager 2.0b2

System Software by Lunik
This is a file manager, wich can work on all the platforms, supports Java(TM). It have all standart function of file managers, like copying, deleting files, etc. Also it include a very powerful analitic calculator, function graph drawer, tool for find and replace text in files, browser,...
5 .0
Mar 29 2004

KFS 0.3.4

System Software by jrockey
5 .0
Jan 04 2004

dolphin-perforce-plugin 0.8

System Software by martin9000andersen
Simple Perforce version control plugin for Dolphin inspiered by the version control plugins kdesdk-dolphin-pliginsDisplayes the state of the files inder Perforce control and adds a simple right-click menu ("open for edit", "add", "delete", "update", "diff", "Show in P4V", "Timelapsview",...
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5 .0
Dec 01 2013

Copy full path 1.0

System Software by Coster
Add context menu item "Copy full path" for Dolphin. Krusader and other KDE file managers.Depends on:xsel (sudo apt-get install xsel)Copy downloaded file to$HOME/.kde/share/kde4/services/ServiceMenus/
5 .8
Aug 24 2013

dolphin patch autoplay on video\aud file 4.12.3

System Software by nowardev
Video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7OQuDUoTHEo this works for me , i have checked on ogv and webm it should work for other files if you have codecs installed .any insult is welcomedWHYwell i was missing to much this feature that there was on kde 3.x so i finally did it.INSTALLATION THIS...
5 .8
Mar 23 2014

quickSearch 0.2

System Software by sarahb523
This is a tiny kommander tool for searching files with locate and ebuilds with esearch (gentoo related).Be aware of locate. if there are to much results it can take a few minutes to show the result. If you can't wait press the "stop" button
5 .0
May 28 2004

krawimageinfo 0.1

System Software by jaegerschnitzel
kfile plugins to show raw image info and preview images in konqueror.- Needs libkexiv2, libexiv2 + its dependencies.- Tested for CR2 images.- WARNING: Overwrites the already installed kfile_raw plugin!- Big parts taken from kdegraphics package, and some ideas from rawimage.- Install by the usual...
5 .0
Jun 27 2008

Dfilebrowser 1.0

System Software by deuteros
Dfilebrowser is a file browser for Plasma Active One.Actually it's fairly simple and has things to polish (consider it a beta) but I think it is useful enough to begin to use. The idea is to have all the buttons and menu options large enough to use a finger, that simple.Dfilebrowser is open...
6 .3
Nov 08 2011

RPM/DEB-Converter 0.1

System Software by JackUnterweger
This script is a simple Dolphin-Service, which allows you to convert *.DEB files into *.RPM files and *.RPM files to *.DEB files with a single mouseclick and integrates well into Dolphins Service Menu.to work, it requires the following packages installed:- alien (the converter)- rpm (to make the...
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6 .3
Dec 14 2014