Nitrux Software Center 2.1.2

System Software by AJSlye
Software Center to install and manage AppImages. NOTE: This is only to provide appimages, I am not the developer.
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Jun 26 2018


System Software by Hemoo023
The ultimate objectives of KMyMoney are... Accuracy. Using time tested double entry accounting principles KMyMoney can help ensure that your finances are kept in correct order. Ease of use. KMyMoney strives to be the easiest open source personal finance manager to use, especially for the...
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Apr 30 2018

SystemImager 4.9.0

System Software by olahaye74
SystemImager is software that automates Linux installs, software distribution, and production deployment. SystemImager makes it easy to do installs, software distribution, content or data distribution, configuration changes, and operating system updates to your network of Linux machines. You...
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Apr 09 2018

GNOME Twitch

System Software by juglol
Enjoy Twitch on your GNU/Linux desktop.
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Mar 30 2018


System Software by Hemoo023
Bluegriffon is a dreamweaver alternative used to design and modify and create webpages without any knowledge of programming languages -Easy to use -Free -Open source Download the Deb file or the tar file depending on which distro you are using
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Mar 28 2018

Yakuake 3.0.5

System Software by Sho
Yakuake is a drop-down terminal emulator made by KDE. --- What's new ---3.0.5: Yakuake v3.0.5 is a maintenance release improving Wayland and D-Bus support. v3.0.5 download: http://download.kde.org/stable/yakuake/3.0.5/src/ Full changelog at: https://cgit.kde.org/yakuake.git/tree/ChangeLog ---...
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Mar 28 2018


System Software by Hemoo023
Instagram is made to be experienced on your phone, but sometimes you’ll want to take a look from you computer. Ramme does just that, offering up your Instagram feed where you can like or comment on posts.
Debian (.deb)
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Mar 23 2018

CNC-Qt 0.3.6

System Software by Karbofos
CNC-Qt is the program for management of planet-cnc controllers, supports now only mk1 (4 axis) hardware. No supporting of mk2 interface at time. Compiled and checked on Linux, minimum hardware requirements: ARM7/Intel/AMD at 700MHz (and lower frequency), 512 MB RAM. Supporting of G-Code...
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Mar 11 2018

Resseter , Factory reset your ubuntu

System Software by Hemoo023
Want to wipe everything off your Ubuntu ? Try this resseter
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Mar 04 2018

KEncFS-Plasma 2.0.2a

System Software by felmur
KEncFS-Plasma is a gui frontend for encfs. With KEncFS-Plasma you can easily create, mount, umount and delete your encrypted filesystem. It is developed only with KDE5-QT5 libraries and it works only for KDE5-Plasma Desktop. ( For KENCFS (KDE4-QT4 compatible), please look...
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Feb 28 2018