System Software by ja-el
hmm, seems my description wasn't added the first time:This is a -simple- bash script using kdialog to provide some kind of frontend to emerge (gentoo), I don't expect it to be useful for anyone, it's just an experiment. Though I plan to make a similar program that will work the same way with...
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Apr 02 2004

Free Disk Space Applet 0.15

System Software by hannibal331
Is an applet for the KDE Kicker to show how much free disk space is available on your mounted partitions.
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May 20 2005

KRename 4.0.9

System Software by domseichter
Krename offers an easy way to rename hundreds of files in one go, giving you as much freedom as you need. You can use parts of the old filename, information like the current date or even an mp3 tag or the colour depth of an image. Krename integrates into the Konqueror or Krusader filemanager !
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Jan 01 2012

kreadinode 0.1

System Software by domseichter
readinode is a project of Daniel Neuber, student at the FH Rosenheim which lists inode informations of files. This is a KDE Version of his tool, written by Daniel Neuber and Dominik Seichter. I convinced him to write a KDE frontend even as Daniel is a long time Gnome User :-D
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Feb 02 2005

kcrtusr 1.0

System Software by Louis
With this script it is very easy to add new users.I use my own shell-scripts to add users but I figured out, that some people does not like the terminal or konsole as much as I do:-)So here is a script using kdialog, which is required.For me it is also a study to show some of the great...
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Jan 06 2008

KPorts 0.8.2

System Software by soulrebel
KPorts is Qt-based frontend to the FreeBSD-Ports. Support for the OpenBSD-Ports and PkgSrc is planned for a future release. It is designed to make managing your applications easier and more pleasent.For more information, take a look at the homepage.If you would like to help with translations,...
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Dec 12 2009

Command Monitor 0.1

System Software by djworld
Command Monitor is a tool that allows you to periodically execute a command and watch the results of it. For instance, if you want to scan for wireless networks using "iwlist eth1 scan" you have to repeat that command each time you want to see if there's a new one. This program does it for...
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Apr 29 2007

Qtparted 0.4.5

System Software by sarath
QTParted is a Partition Magic clone to graphically manipulate partitions written in C++ using the Qt toolkit.It depends upon libparted, which can be obtained from http://www.gnu.org/software/parted .(BTW, iam not the author of Qtparted. I just added an entry here cos its long due!!!)
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Aug 20 2005

YumKup 0.1

System Software by janschaefer
Yum Update Notifier for KDE.This little system tray tool calls in user configurable intervals "yum check-update" and signals with different icons whether new updates are available. If updates are available it can show you the list of possible updates and can initiate a yum update.To configure...
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Apr 27 2006

KDE Realtime Scheduling toolset

System Software by renci
the screenshot gives an idea of what happenswith this you can take all kdeinit tasks (and their children subsequently)and reschedule them with the help of the small schedtool applicationyou can get schedtool here http://freequaos.host.sk/schedtool/this provides a big difference in desktop...
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Mar 14 2004