MemoryMap 1.0

System Software by unknown-spirit
MemoryMap is a simple java program taking the output of smem and displaying it in an ordinary bar diagram.The only requirement to be met on the underlying system is the installation of smem.Program successfully tested on Kubuntu 14.04 and 17.10
Java (.jar)
5 .0
Dec 25 2017

KDE CDEmu Manager 0.7.3

System Software by marcel83
KDE CDEmu Manager is a simple frontend for CDEmu.It provides a small manager window that gives you an overview of your virtual drives and allows you to mount and unmount images.It also includes a service menu for mounting images directly from Dolphin/Konqueror.Images can be unmounted like any...
7 .2
Nov 24 2017

Elfsetup, A Standalone Graphical Installer for Elementary OS 1.2

System Software by Nixsetup
Elfsetup can create a standalone distribution file for Elementary OS for all binary executables and your config and database files.If not dependencies are required, you can install without a Internet connection. Here a list of applications without aptitude requirement:A Vala Executable (based in...
5 .0
Aug 07 2017

GSmartControl 1.0.1

System Software by ashaduri
GSmartControl is a graphical user interface for smartctl (from Smartmontools package), which is a tool for querying and controlling SMART (Self-Monitoring, Analysis, and Reporting Technology) data on modern hard disk drives. It allows you to inspect the drive's SMART data to determine its...
6 .3
Aug 03 2017


System Software by pi_no
Parsley keeps a configured set of places in file systems in sync.Features:- Keeps configured file system places in sync (local and ssh)- Robust infrastructure with working retry and error handling- Customizable behavior with the availability to add additional program logic for various...
5 .8
Jun 15 2017

Synopson 0.9.1

System Software by ThomasFuhringer
A file manager the way I think it should be: two panes for contents and one for navigation.
5 .0
May 17 2017

NofyHist 0.27

System Software by fme
NofyHist is written especially for the XCFE desktop in mind. In XFCE notifications show up on the desktop for a configurable amount of time. After that, they vanish away and I do not know a method to show them again.With NofyHist you can show recent notifications, set exclude filters, search the...
6 .3
Apr 06 2017

KEncFS 1.6.4

System Software by felmur
DEVELOPMENT OF KENCFS IS FINISHED==================================This is the latest version of KEncFS. KEncFS was born to QT4 and KDE4.Today QT5 libraries and KDE5-Plasma are now so widespread and more parties reach me requests to make KEncFS compatible with the latest environment.For this...
8 .1
Feb 05 2017

Qt C++ Piwik Tracker Library 0.1

System Software by pbe78
PiwikTracker is a C++ Qt 5 library for tracking with the open-source analytics platform Piwik.Features- sending visits- sending events- custom dimensions can be sent along with visits and events- language, screen resolution and operating system will be tracked automatically- client id will be...
5 .8
Dec 12 2016

NewBreeze 3.0.0 Alpha2

System Software by marcusbritanicus
A fast and light-weight file manager based on Qt================================================Qt5 builds are now supportedNote: NewBreeze 3.0 is in the oven. Expect several changes..!!Built on top of the Powerful Qt4/Qt5 GUI Toolkit, this file manager is sleek, stylish and fast.Some of its...
6 .0
Oct 23 2016