karmack for Gentoo Linux 0.2

System Software by Lenz
Gentoo ebuild for karmack 0.2."Karmack is an amusing CPU load monitor applet for the KDE kicker bar which uses the the form of the classic Doom game's marine face. The poor guy will bleed when your machine is heavily used. Other effects are triggered on different window manager actions."Original...
5 .0
Jul 21 2005

SystemImager 4.9.0

System Software by olahaye74
SystemImager is software that automates Linux installs, softwaredistribution, and production deployment. SystemImager makes it easy todo installs, software distribution, content or data distribution,configuration changes, and operating system updates to your network ofLinux machines. You can...
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5 .0
Apr 09 2018

reset-screen 0.5

System Software by pynm0001
This is a very simple Qt 4 program that displays a simple cross hatch pattern on your monitor.Why is this useful? Well, it makes the auto-sync feature of the flat panel LCD monitors out there both faster and more accurate (well, for mine anyways).I have to run this every other time I start KDE...
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5 .0
Apr 13 2006


System Software by shm
This is a wrapper around the console killall program that works transparently with kdeinit'd processes. For example, you can do "kdekillall -9 konqueror" to killall Konqueror processes (instead of having to lookup all the PIDs of the kdeinits)This is a standalone version of the version of the...
5 .0
Jan 24 2004

KPkgManager 0.3.5

System Software by Lapinot
APT-based package manager for KDEIt will eventually provide the same features as apt-get with a KDE frontend. .For now, it supports update, upgrade, dist-upgrade and package install and remove.Please read the TODO list at the bottom of the README file before asking for wishlist items.When...
5 .0
Nov 19 2006

Kio-Apt 0.13.2

System Software by Lapinot
An apt:/ protocol in konqueror which provides apt-cache functionalities : - apt:/search?search_string - apt:/show?package - apt:/policy?packageand a few dpkg functionalities too: - apt:/list?package lists the file in a package - apt:/fsearch?file finds the package which owns the specified...
5 .0
Nov 28 2006

Kcmdhcpd 0.3.8

System Software by wdlc
A configuration control panel module for the ISC DHCP-Server.KCMdhcpd gives a network admin the ability to manage an ISC style DHCP server. The module reads the dhcpd control files from local or remote machine and makes them available in a structured UI. The admin can Start/Stop/Reload/Restart...
5 .0
Jan 13 2004

SeRC 0.0.1

System Software by terra
SeRC stands for "Slackware easy RC". SeRC is a very simple and yet usable RC-script editor for Slackware GNU/Linux. It just gives you a fast overview over the RC-scripts in your /etc/rc.d folder and the possibility to activate or deactivate them through a simple click on a checkbox. SeRC is...
5 .0
Aug 12 2005

QMD 0.1

System Software by akiross
Qt/Quick Message Displayer is a qt tool that give you the ability to display a message or show an image in the center of the screen. It's really simple, fiew features and usage, can be userful for notify your events, script, blahblah, or can be used to show images on the center of the screen...
5 .0
Apr 29 2007

KFS 0.3.4

System Software by jrockey
5 .0
Jan 04 2004