Kminicom 1.0.2

System Software by fe6fbq
Kminicom is a KDE/Qt graphical interface to the well known Minicom that replaces its text based window system. The GUI handles all the settings and displaying features of Minicom : - set and maintain the parameters used by Minicom to manage the modem and the serial line - display all what is...
Score 58.0%
Feb 24 2016

KToshiba 5.2

System Software by Coproscefalo
KToshiba is a Function (FN) key monitoring for Toshiba laptops. Features a Graphical User Interface (UI) highly integrated with KDE, managing those function keys not handled by KDE (Screen lock, TouchPad toggle, Battery profiles, Zoom keys and Keyboard backlight). Also provides a System Settings...
Score 70.0%
Dec 14 2015

I-Nex 7.4.0

System Software by mpg45
I-Nex is an application that gathers information for hardware components available on your system and displays it using an user interface similar to the popular Windows tool CPU-Z. I-Nex can display information for the following components: CPU, GPU, Motherboard, Sound, Hard disks, RAM, Network...
Score 75.5%
Nov 30 2015

GtkSu 0.1.6

System Software by keithhedger
Gtksu - what is it? Simple its a simple replacement for gksu/ktsuss etc that allows you to run a program with different privileges ( root etc ). Although there are other programs of theis type most if not all rely on polkit or have a large number of dependencies, apps like ktsuss which this app...
Score 59.1%
Nov 27 2015

kpackage4 3.6.0

System Software by fe6fbq
Kpackage4 is the port to KDE4 / Qt4 of a former project by Toivo Pedaste. This GUI is a tool to manage packages of various types such as RPM, Debian, Slackware ... It can be used to list the packages installed on a computer and, for a selected package, display detailed informations such as...
Score 74.0%
Nov 18 2015

X Tile 2.5.1

System Software by giuspen
X-tile is an application that allows you to select a number of windows and tile them in different ways. X-tile works on any X desktop (gnome, kde, xfce, lxde…). The main features are: many tiling geometries, undo tiling, invert tiling order, optional system tray docking and menu, filter to...
Score 73.1%
Nov 15 2015

wacom tablet 3.0.0~beta1

System Software by Etric
KDE 4 KCModule This module implements a GUI for the Wacom Linux Drivers and extends it with profile support to handle different button / pen layouts per profile. For hardware support have a look at http://www.linuxwacom.sourceforge.net Project...
Score 85.4%
Oct 28 2015

Auto File Manager GMS 1.0

System Software by GandMSoft
Automates file management tasks: - extraction - synchronization - backup Free Windows App
Score 50.0%
Sep 22 2015

MultiPortDialog 3.4.0

System Software by Alexxey593
Powerful Terminal for Com-port, TCP-client, TCP-server and UDP-client. It allows you to communicate (receive and send data) with devices and applications via network or COM-port. Some features: * Fully customizable preferences for Com-port (including non-standard user-defined speed). *...
Score 53.3%
Sep 11 2015

qGrid 0.0.2

System Software by civerell
Summary ======= qGrid - is a set of command line tools, which are used to build a distributed computing grid (silimar to Apple XGrid in concept). There are 3 programs, that are used to do that: qGridAgent, qGridController, qGrid. qGridAgent is to be launched on computers, that are to perform the...
Score 58.0%
Aug 16 2015