Rating: 6.5
Nov 18 2010

Dark autumn 0.1

Gnome Screenshots by yaseen
My ubuntu 10.10 desktop gtk theme based on orta window decorator is emerald(theme created by me) compiz autumn effect enabled.
Rating: 5.0
Nov 11 2010

orta screenshot modified 1

Gnome Screenshots by mormope
orta theme modified docky theme (http://gnome-look.org/content/show.php/docky+theme?content=132640) gtk theme (http://gnome-look.org/content/show.php/Orta?content=134123)
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Rating: 7.0
Nov 08 2010

Clean and lean.

Gnome Screenshots by JustThisOnce
A pretty clean and lean desktop based on some random downloads, real easy to do. ubuntu 10.10 avant window navigator (from some unofficial repository for latest build) divergence theme http://customize.org/gtk/themes/77049 wallpaper http://wasimagined.deviantart.com/ (resized to fit my screen...
Rating: 6.0
Nov 06 2010

November with bunjee 1.0

Gnome Screenshots by ottlux
November-screenshot with bunjee
Rating: 7.0
Nov 01 2010

Pure White

Gnome Screenshots by szender
Rating: 6.0
Nov 01 2010

Input needed please

Gnome Screenshots by J4X0R
- I am in the process of creating my own Version of Ubuntu using Remastersys. ________________________________________ - I am basically done. I would like you fine peoples input on what the default them will look like.I have made a blue, red, and green one. All of them screenshoted above.So...
Rating: 5.3
Oct 31 2010

My GNOME Desktop 2010-10-28

Gnome Screenshots by demom
This is my GNOME desktop
Rating: 5.3
Oct 28 2010

Beautiful Global Menu (Screenshot)

Gnome Screenshots by salathaendler
I tried to make the global menu look beautiful by adding contrast via different font weights. I did the same thing with the date/time applet. Hope you like it!
Rating: 6.5
Oct 17 2010

HTC Wildfire clock screenlet preview

Gnome Screenshots by Slater
Screenshot of my upcoming Screenlets clock skin based on an HTC Wildfire photo found on the net. Hope you like - please comment.
Rating: 5.0
Oct 16 2010