ubuntu 12.04 with Mint Menu

Gnome Screenshots by paudelanup
Ubuntu Unity with oxygen gtk theme, Mint Menu......
Rating: 5.3
May 19 2013

Icon construction

Gnome Screenshots by paudelanup
just a screenshot
Rating: 5.8
Apr 30 2013

Saturn Blues - My XFCE4 Desktop

Gnome Screenshots by rvc-2011
Total screen details can be had if you follow the download link . you will have a larger preview along with the details.. thank you
Rating: 5.0
Apr 27 2013

Isotope - Steampunked

Gnome Screenshots by rvc-2011
Please follow the download link to have a look at the screenshot details. I have used Rainmeter (under wine) in place of conky
Rating: 5.0
Mar 30 2013

My Arch+Mate Desktop :P

Gnome Screenshots by EriccirE
My Arch+Mate Desktop :P
Rating: 5.0
Feb 27 2013

mate screenshot

Gnome Screenshots by paudelanup
Another screenshot of wondering desktop Icon theme used Pirate Skull of Anup Cairo dock with modified clear theme and few own modified applets and docklets desktop environment is mate
Rating: 5.3
Feb 24 2013

My Debian, I use Gnome, it looks like W8

Gnome Screenshots by robertvokac
This is my Debian, Gnome, it looks like Windows 8 desktop- controls, cursors, borders, only not icons. My e-mail is robertvokac1@gmail.com If someone want to set Gnome to look like my Gnome, let to send me e-mail and I will tell him how to set it and I send him files which are needed. If you...
Rating: 5.0
Feb 15 2013

The dark side of Cupertino

Gnome Screenshots by trastes
If you liked, ... made in MediterraneanNight Series 2.0 http://gnome-look.org/content/show.php/MediterraneanNight+Series?content=156782
Rating: 7.7
Feb 07 2013

A wondering Desktop 1

Gnome Screenshots by paudelanup
I am moving through different desktop environments in Ubuntu 12.04.1 . started with unity then to cairo-dock my favorite of all time, then to gnome-shell,kde , enlightment, panthenon, razor-qt, -cinnamon, compiz session , now on mate wondering which session is this, have no idea which...
Rating: 5.8
Feb 01 2013

Observation Deck - Boxed in Isotope

Gnome Screenshots by rvc-2011
OS: PCBSD 9.1 64 bits Almost all details are displayed by the screenfetch script on the shot, the terminal i used here is yakauke terminal (easier to use and hide with a single F12 switch) Other details: Screenfetch script displaying OS details on yakuake terminal, customized pypanel, Gkrellm...
Rating: 5.8
Jan 31 2013