[Cairo-Dock] Gnome-Colors Themes 3

Cairo-Dock Themes by MastroPino
We arrived at 3 release of the theme for Gnome-Colors Cairo-Dock. There are many changes, a new configuration file, which makes the bar very similar to the macbar, I was inspired by her. The launchers are placed on the left, at the center are the applets, with the various controls of the home...
Rating: 7.0
Mar 13 2009

gericom Cairo-Dock Theme 3.3.1

Cairo-Dock Themes by HATRED
Yet another elementary thing, this time for the real GNOME dock :) This theme i made it to match the elementary project by DanRabbit and shiki-colors & gnome-colors by perfectska04. Hope to like it and, then vote up, but if u vote down, please drop a line, just to tell the community why you...
Rating: 6.9
Mar 14 2010

cairo-dock-explosion 0.4

Cairo-Dock Themes by HATRED
Just an idea, that came to me today, to make Mac OS X - like poof, for Cairo-Dock in 3 versions: - regular - vacuum - explode To use it choose the one u like and put it into /usr/share/cairo-dock/explosion and rename it to explosion.png and restart Cairo-Dock
Rating: 7.2
Aug 04 2009

Humanity-Dock for Cairo-dock 1.3

Cairo-Dock Themes by MastroPino
This theme aims to revolutionize the look of the Cairo-Dock for the integration with the theme of Humanity. Also attached the theme for the basket and the icons for the music player applet, the latter created by me on the basis of the icon's default music player in this original theme. Added the...
Rating: 7.5
Nov 23 2009

[Cairo-Dock] Oxygen 1.1

Cairo-Dock Themes by MastroPino
This theme is inspired by Oxygen from KDE and Oxygen Refit made by Chrispy (http://gnome-look.org/usermanager/search.php?username=Chrispy). I try to make a theme that can be integrated on KDE too. Any suggestions are welcome. Feel free to leave a comment =)Special: Oxygen and Oxygen Refit themes...
Rating: 7.4
Feb 09 2009

Mac OSX Leopard Cairo-Dock theme 2

Cairo-Dock Themes by lagooned
This is a Mac OSX leopard cairo-dock theme Extract to:~/.cairo-dock/themes/ at least I think Tell me if it doesnt work. it might be a little small
Rating: 6.8
Dec 21 2007

graphite for cairo-dock 1.0

Cairo-Dock Themes by ticoon
I have ported the skin graphite by ~deniartru and Icon theme by Asher to cairo-dock. Permission granted. Extract to:~/.cairo-dock/themes/ Any suggestions are welcome.
Rating: 7.3
Nov 04 2008

Handelgot White (Cairo-Dock Theme) 1.2

Cairo-Dock Themes by Maththias
A theme for Cairo-dock based on DeviantDark's Handelgot Iconset. For using it without svn version of cairo-dock, put the folder extracted from the tar.gz in ~/.config/cairo-dock/themes or in ~/.cairo-dock/themes (for older versions). Here for the black version >...
Rating: 7.3
Apr 27 2009

Cairo-Dock Humanity Icons 4 ConfigPanel 0.1

Cairo-Dock Themes by MastroPino
This set of icons comes from the desire to see this toolbar integrated into decently fresh installation of ubuntu. I started from the theme Humanity, created by the great DanRabbit and his associates, via a semantic revaluation I created the icons necessary. This is a beta release, I'm looking...
Rating: 7.1
Dec 10 2009

Blue-Green3D for cairo-dock

Cairo-Dock Themes by DukeNono
My 3D theme for cairo-dock... If you don't know cairo-dock, look here : http://developer.berlios.de/projects/cairo-dock/ and in french : http://www.cairo-dock.org/ http://doc.ubuntu-fr.org/cairo-dock
Rating: 6.6
Nov 24 2007