Gedit Arc theme 1.0

Gedit Color Schemes by yuceltoluyag
An Arc theme for Gedit text editor.An Arc theme for Gedit text editor.The original Arc project is here https://github.com/horst3180/Arc-themeInstallationCopy the arc.xml to the color schemes directory:~/.local/share/gedit/styles or ~/.local/share/gtksourceview-3.0/stylesActivation :Open the...
5 .0
Feb 03 2018

Ubuntu Gedit Color Scheme 1.0

Gedit Color Schemes by WarriorIng64
A dark Gedit color scheme, based on the Oblivion theme and using colors more suitable for Ubuntu.I vaguely remember that Canonical wanted a new default color scheme for Gedit in Ubuntu, but I can't find the post for it now...oh, well. This is similar to what I remember them wanting.I'm open to...
6 .3
Nov 02 2013

InkPot Color Scheme for GEdit 1.0

Gedit Color Schemes by ideasman42
This is a port of the vim inkpot color scheme to gedit, its quite close with selection, find highlight, cursor margin etc matching the original.
6 .3
Sep 29 2011

Sugoi Color scheme for gedit 1.0

Gedit Color Schemes by r4ito
Color scheme for gedit, based on Cobalt.Extract the .xml and add it on gedit:Edit > Preferences > Font & Colors > Addor extract directly to:~/.gnome2/gedit/styles/
5 .8
Dec 10 2010

gedit - hardball's dark theme 2010-11-14

Gedit Color Schemes by hardball
Black-color-scheme using hardball's color palette
5 .0
Nov 14 2010

Molokai - Gedit Theme / GTKsource Style 1.0

Gedit Color Schemes by cbleslie
Port of the Molokai Text Mate theme.For installation: http://live.gnome.org/GtkSourceView/StyleSchemes
5 .0
Oct 29 2010

Gmail colour scheme for Gedit 1.0

Gedit Color Schemes by impressia
Inspired Gmail dark-red colour scheme for Gedit by Impressia.bg
5 .0
Apr 05 2010

dcrDarkClassic gedit style 1

Gedit Color Schemes by drankinatty
The selection of usable styles for gedit is -- lacking to say the least. After working with a couple of styles, rather than porting my kate style to gnome, I decided to retouch the 'Classic' gedit theme. The result, the DarkClassic theme.It retains it gnome underpinnings while taking on a deep...
5 .0
Feb 24 2010

gedit color scheme based on Geany 1.0

Gedit Color Schemes by Perberos
My fist attempt to make a style like the default geany color schemeTo install:Copypasta into ~/.gnome2/gedit/styles/
5 .8
Jul 29 2009

Gedit Crimson Theme .01

Gedit Color Schemes by darkjedi
Download extractopen termmove to directory you extractedcommand ./installput in passwordit will cp php_lang and rename old one php_lang.orgopen gedit and select themeDoneFixed installer
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5 .0
Dec 10 2008