WebCam Video Recorder (Nautilus script) 1.0

Nautilus Scripts by c2asr
Author: Mattia Castiglione Site: http://www.c2asr.altervista.org/index.php?a=webcamrec Nautilus -Script WebCam Video Recorderder allows you to record the webcam video with a simple click in divx format. The script also lets you choose the video resolution and framerate. The script depends...
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Feb 08 2011

ZDesktopRecorder (Nautilus Script) 0.1

Nautilus Scripts by c2asr
ZDesktopRecorder Authors: Zenity Code:http://www.c2asr.altervista.org/ FFMPEG code: http://www.edmondweblog.com/ ZDesktopRecorder is a simple script to record screencasts of your desktop or single windows, based on ffmpeg and zenity Depends...
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Feb 14 2011

Generate Dynamic Wallpaper XML File 1.1

Nautilus Scripts by OItisTang
This script can generate the dynamic wallpaper XML file in Ubuntu Linux. Usage: 1. download and unzip the package(GenerateDynamicWallpaperXML.zip), you can get two shell scripts (GenerateDynamicWallpaperXML and dynamic-wallpaper-xml-generater.sh) 2. open GenerateDynamicWallpaperXML and modify...
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Dec 25 2010

Secure Remove and Move To... Securely 1.0

Nautilus Scripts by BokaEvan
These are scripts for SRM (or Secure Remove) which,by defult, uses gutmann 38 passes to remove files securely. the wiki page for SRM [http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/srm_(unix)] Contains two scripts: *Secure Remove : removes file using srm defult gutmann 38 passes. *Move To... Securely : moves file...
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Jan 29 2011

InkPot Color Scheme for GEdit 1.0

Gedit Color Schemes by ideasman42
This is a port of the vim inkpot color scheme to gedit, its quite close with selection, find highlight, cursor margin etc matching the original.
Score 63.3%
Sep 29 2011

Audio file info 1.0

Nautilus Scripts by fulvius
DESCRIPTION: This script show informations about an input audio file using the tool soxi (available with the sox tool). The audio files supported are the one the soxi support (See http://sox.sourceforge.net/Docs/Features) INSTALLATION: To install the script copy it in the Nautilus script folder...
Score 63.3%
Nov 08 2011

Join files 1.1

Nautilus Scripts by soleilpqd
Script for to join 001... files.Usage: Copy all 001, 002 ... files into same folder. In Nautilus window, select and right-click on .001 file(s), select *Join files* on context menu. For more information about installation & usage, please read the comment in the script.
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Oct 25 2011

Hide file 1.0

Nautilus Scripts by leogtzr
Hide.sh Run in every GNOME. Nautilus script to hide a file. Make it executable chmod +x ./Hide.sh Copy this script to nautilus directory cp -vi ./Hide.sh ~/.gnome2/nautilus-scripts You need zenity to run this script, but you can omit that line and work fine.
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Jul 27 2011

Ubuntu Gedit Color Scheme 1.0

Gedit Color Schemes by WarriorIng64
A dark Gedit color scheme, based on the Oblivion theme and using colors more suitable for Ubuntu. I vaguely remember that Canonical wanted a new default color scheme for Gedit in Ubuntu, but I can't find the post for it now...oh, well. This is similar to what I remember them wanting. I'm open to...
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Nov 02 2013

web2pdf-ps 0.1

Nautilus Scripts by caezsar
Extract archive to /home/$USER/.gnome2/nautilus-scripts and make sure both files are executable! Run the scripts! Copy from browser and enter the website address you want to save!
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Mar 22 2013