FAST DB beta

Nautilus Scripts by hemanth
For the input either use bash's tab completion, which will automatically put in backslashes as appropriate, or the user should quote it. Sample : To add $ f -a "hemanth.hm nerd +919449167054" $ To search $ f "nerd" $ hemanth.hm nerd +919449167054
Rating: 6.4
Jun 07 2009

TinyBackUp 0.1

Nautilus Scripts by nix17
It's a simple bash script to archive your directory with cpio compression metod. copy the script in .gnome2/nautilus-script, the version is 0.1 i'd like to have suggestion :D
Rating: 6.4
Jul 17 2009

S.S.Re (Simply Smart Renamer) 1.0

Nautilus Scripts by troikas
S.S.re (simply smart renamer) It has happened in many they want are renamed, certain files in a file that contains very a lot of files. In a file with 50 files want are renamed the 1 10 and the 20, then will open the file with the files will search and rename with right clik what I want. I...
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Rating: 6.4
Sep 08 2010

Naultilus Rotate Image 1.0

Nautilus Scripts by melmsly
Based on the resize image script by Meinhard Benn. This script rotates the selected image files by x degrees (defaults are 90 and 180) see http://www.gnome-look.org/content/show.php/Resize+Image?content=110541
Rating: 6.4
Oct 06 2009

Mailpictures 0.96

Nautilus Scripts by razerraz
Mailpictures is a nautilus extension in gtk/perl, designed to be a more featured nautilus-sendto alternative / replacement. If there are data files in the selection : Create a zip archive in case of several files The minimal number of files for archive create can be set in the main windowIf...
Rating: 6.4
Nov 24 2009

HashTab 0.2

Nautilus Scripts by prex
This nautilus extension add a Property Page where you can easily check the hash of your file.
Rating: 6.4
Apr 03 2010

Productive Wallpaper 1.0

Nautilus Scripts by superpiwi
is a small script for batch conversion files in nautilus: image file + template = new productive wallpaper Dependencies: - zenity - imagemagick Install Copy script in /home/user/.gnome2/nautilus-scripts/
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Rating: 6.4
Jun 10 2010

NauTwitter 1.2

Nautilus Scripts by Rafterman
NauTwitter is a Nautilus Script based Twitter client. It features all the basic functions a Twitter client needs: tweeting/retweeting, follow/unfollow, direct messaging, timeline and mentions. Twitter contact: @antoniusmisfit
Rating: 6.2
Jan 03 2010

Compare with Meld

Nautilus Scripts by bertoldia
Compare 2 or more files with Meld. Select 2 or more files in the Nautilus window and use Meld to compare their content. This is a one liner. Depends on Meld.
Rating: 6.2
May 07 2008

Merge PDF 1.02

Nautilus Scripts by diogosousa
Uses the pdftk to merge selected files in nautilus. Place the script under ~/.gnome2/nautilus-scripts/ To use it, simply select at least two pdf files an choose > Scripts > Merge PDF HELP: Can someone point me in the right direction onto correct the bug mentioned in the changelog?
Rating: 6.1
Jul 30 2008