Alienware Openoffice Splash Screen

OpenOffice Splash Screens by tuxkernel
An Alienware Splashscreen For Openoffice.Enjoy it!
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Jan 31 2010

Splash screens para Openoffice 2.6.X

OpenOffice Splash Screens by kaelthaszz
para reemplazar el splash, primeramente abren la terminal y teclean "sudo nautilus",copian y lo pegan en siguiente directoriousr/lib/openoffice/program.finalmemte cierran todo y listo.
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Jan 09 2010

Gothic-style-OpenOffice-splash-screen Version for Ubuntu

OpenOffice Splash Screens by Karmel
Here it is -> "Gothic style" splash screen image for OpenOffice... in Ubuntu (and others distro's after little adaptations) 8)Unpack archive & copy this "openintro_ubuntu_sun.bmp" file into folder:/usr/lib/openoffice/program/for replace existing file. Of course, backup copy of "old"...
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Dec 03 2009

Creating Perfection - OpenOffice Splash 1.0

OpenOffice Splash Screens by LuxieRayku
You only have to replace the file / usr / lib / openoffice / program
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Dec 02 2009

OpenOffice clearlooks splash screen 3.0

OpenOffice Splash Screens by mathieu89
An OOo clearlooks splash screen.Extract images in /usr/lib/openoffice/programChange /etc/openoffice/sofficerc like that:[Bootstrap]HideEula=1Logo=1ProgressBarColor=128,166,213ProgressPosition=14,230ProgressSize=412,7A bash script that does exactly that is in the archive. Simply run it as root.
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Sep 30 2009

OpenOffice-splash pack 1

OpenOffice Splash Screens by uggi
Three splash-screens for OpenOffice.org, all in a .zip file with instruction inside.I hope you like, bye.
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Sep 25 2009

OpenOffice.org Ubuntu Studio Splash

OpenOffice Splash Screens by Azraelthe7th
OpenOffice.org splash made for Ubuntu Studio.Simply copy (cp) or move (mv) the file to '/usr/lib/openoffice/program/openintro_ubuntu_sun.bmp' as a super user.As an added bonus, open up a terminal and type in: sudo gedit /etc/openoffice/sofficercAnd change the following value as...
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Aug 17 2009

elementary openoffice 3.1.0

OpenOffice Splash Screens by gericom
OOo splash screen simple as elementaryJust extract it in /usr/lib/openoffice/program and to be as perfect as elementary, just adjust the sofficerc found in /etc/openoffice/sofficerc like...
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Jul 02 2009

zenren's debian guitar openoffice splash splash

OpenOffice Splash Screens by zenren
the elaborated zenren's debian guitarrename the dowloaded file to intro.bmp and substitute (as root) the original in the folder /usr/lib/openoffice/program(on a debian)There is a wallpaper:http://debian-art.org/content/show.php/the+zenren%27s+debian+jaguar+guitar?content=87488
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Jul 01 2009

PCLinuxOS OpenOffice Splash

OpenOffice Splash Screens by exploder91
This is a remake of an OpenOffice Splash by troseph. I cropped and sized the splash to work with the progress bar in PCLinuxOS 2009.1 and made the openabout for it.Just download and extract the 2 files and copy them to /usr/lib/OO3/program to install the new splash.
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Apr 13 2009