Attack of the Clones

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Attack of the Clones
GTK and Metacity theme by jurialmunkey

This is an experimental theme that I've been toying with for a while. Finally got it to an acceptable point where I feel like I can release it. Due to the experimental nature, there will probably be some bugs. Please don't hesitate to leave a comment with a link to a screenshot showing any bugs you find. Some I may have just missed or are in programs I don't use, others may not be able to be fixed.

See the DeviantArt page for more information and instructions.

I hope you enjoy it.


7 years ago

Nice theme, but there is one problem. When I run SpeedCrunch, I can't see half the scrollback/answers because the background is the same color as the text (see this image: ).



7 years ago

You can add something like
gtk_color_scheme = "odd_tree:#545454"
at about line 23 and then changing ~line 76 to
GtkTreeView::odd-row-color = @odd_tree
This allows the odd row results in SpeedCrunch to be seen, and looks okay in Thunderbird, which also uses it.



8 years ago

Yet another amazing theme by the best 'themer' around! lol

Your stuff is brilliant man!
I love it!

You are great dude. <3

@ the poster above me..

If you want to use this, but keep it dark..

You can use this theme for "window title bars", and use jurialmunkeys previous killer theme, "A new hope" as the rest of the theme.

It looks beautiful!

Thank you JM!
We love you man! lol <3



8 years ago

Great theme, dude. I'm stuck at dark themes but yours will surely bring me back to the light side.


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