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Once again I have been working on making another GDM concept a reality. This time I have been working with FrozenTheaterD on his NEW Akumin design concept. He did the art work and I did the programing behind it all. I think it looks pretty great, but your downloads will help me believe in myself even more.

Also - [for those looking at the pick to the left] - I wasn't able to get the clock to show up in the order that Frozen depicts: "banana" is actually the name of the computer, and options has been replaced with language (just FYI).

Once again, if anyone knows how to take a screen-shot while loging in (or at least how to preview the xml or something so I could take a screen-shot, PLEASE POST!)

Please let me know what you think! I worked really hard on this.

P.S. - This has only been tested on Ubuntu 8.10, so if it works on any other OS's please post.

Feel Free to visit smleimberg.com.
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