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I did not create this theme and it is actually the Ubuntu 11.10 Ambiance theme. but I have tweaked it allot.

Changes to the original theme:
1. Added dark panel with steelblue color in Nautilus
2. Changed the selection color in the OS to be blue.
3. Window titles were moved to the right of the window.
4. Changed window borders to 4 px and added rounded corners
5. Window titlebars are flat - looking better with transparency activated
6. Added transparency to unity panel
7. Added readme file with instructions in the archive

Installing the theme:

1. Download and unpack the downloaded .tar.gz archive to your home .themes folder
-if there is not such folder create it
2. Use Myunity, gnome tweak tool, ubuntutweak or whatever app suits you to load the theme
4. readame and wallpaper files included in archive
3. Enjoy and comment if you like it ;)
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