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Some 1280x800 wallpapers designed for LCARS-Desktop.

Wallpapers are collected together into a single ZIP archive for convenience. Included are:

-default (blank) wallpaper
-United Federation of Planets logo
-Enterprise E overview display
-Voyager overview display
-Enterprise-E engineering schematic
-Voyager warp nacelle engineering schematic
-generic Ops display
-DS9 Runabout science display
-generic science/engineeric display
-generic science/tactical display
-TNG shuttlecraft display
-Medical report display
-Medical comm log display

The blank display can be used a a template for creating your own additional displays.

Certain elements of these graphics may be copyright of Paramount Pictures, but are used in the spirit of fair-use.

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(Due to the size of the archive it is being hosted off-site. Please be patient if you get a 404 error and try again in a few moments. Thanks.)
Last changelog:

11 years ago

v1.0: Initial Upload
v1.1: Changed from .rar to .zip, added UFP background


10 years ago

great wallpapers. Thanks for posting them.



11 years ago

This looks nice, but can you please use a FREE archive format that we can open?




11 years ago

I opted for RAR simply because (in my experience) it has the highest compression ratio. And I'm generally not opposed to using proprietary formats when they work and are sufficiently common that anyone has easy access to applications for them (like mp3 and rar for instance). Whether or not people choose to install and use those applications is really not under my control...

But since you asked I've replaced it with a .zip. Hopefully that's free enough?


11 years ago

v1.0: Initial Upload
v1.1: Changed from .rar to .zip, added UFP background

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