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It has come to my attention that some older versions of the pixmap engine (like the one found in Ubuntu Lucid Lynx) have a bug that causes severe visual glitches when transparency is used in menubars. If your menubars and panel indicators are messed up, go to the Fixes page of the Orta Settings Manager and check the option "Select this if your menus and panel have visual glitches". This will also remove transparency from the Gnome Menu Bar applet, so if you use this applet with the flat panel option to make the panel transparent, you are out of luck.


Ubuntu PPA :

Please make absolutely sure you have removed any previous instances of the theme before installing via ppa.

To add the ppa and install the theme and the settings manager, type this on a terminal :

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:nikount/orta-desktop
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install orta-theme

To install the emerald decorators :

sudo apt-get install orta-emerald-decorators

To install the Xfwm4 decorators :

sudo apt-get install orta-xfwm4-decorators

You can find the Orta Settings Manager under the Preferences category of your Main Menu.

Manual Installation :

Extract the extractme.tar.gz archive that you find inside the zip, to a folder of your choosing. Inside, you will find the theme (Orta.tar.gz) and additional decorators (Orta-Squared.tar.gz and Orta-Old.tar.gz) along with some folders. First, right click on OrtaSettingsManager.py and make sure that the "Allow executing file as program" option is checked. Run it and press the uninstall button to remove any old versions of Orta from your system. You can install the theme and decorators manually by dragging and dropping them to the Gnome Appearance Preferences window, or you can use the installer on the Orta Settings Manager (recommended if you want to install for all users including root). Now you can go through the various tabs of the Settings Manager and setup the theme according to your preferences. When you are done click the save button. Make sure you select another theme on the Appearance Preferences dialog that pops up, and then go back to Orta in order to apply your changes.

Leave the orta folder alone, it includes the Orta Settings Manager files .

Inside the Chromium folder, you will find a Chromium theme and different sizes of scrollbars to install.

Inside the Awn folder you will find an Avant Window Navigator lucido style. There are also 5 emerald themes inside the emerald folder.


The pixmaps are licensed under the Creative Commons non commercial share alike license, and the code under GPL v3. I've also included the original xcf sources of the pixmaps so that anyone can easily modify the theme to his/hers preferences.
Last changelog:

7 years ago


- Synaptic fix for gtk2-engines-pixbuf version 2.20 and older.

- Main menu icon size reverted to 22.


5 months ago

dead, no download available



5 months ago

Did you click on 5 archived link?
The gtk theme link works and gets here:



3 years ago

Hello, I'm new here, so sorry if this isn't the right topic. I downloaded and installed the gtk orta theme using this: string Resource_File = "Orta\\gtk-2.0\\gtkrc";
Gtk.Application.Init ();
Gtk.Rc.AddDefaultFile (Resource_File);
Gtk.Rc.Parse (Resource_File);
After that when I resize container size using my mouse or click on button I get some freeze and slow work of GUI. Without new theme all works passable. How I can resolve this problem?
OS: Windows 7
IDE: Xamarin GTK#



3 years ago

I'd pay for a GTk3 theme of this



3 years ago

Just perfect theme for my fedora (mate 1.6) desktop :)



4 years ago

I'm currently using it with Mate and it's almost perfect.

My only issue is that the style made for the former Nautilus doesn't work with Caja, the actual Mate's file manager.

Too bad the Firefox theme is also outdated :(



4 years ago

I get a 404 for the ppa for apt-get update. Manually trying the url, I can see that at the /dists/ directory level there are directories for Lucid,Maverick and Natty, but not Quantal as apt seems to be looking for...

Very possible I'm missing something extremely obvious here (quite new to Linux) - any advice?



5 years ago

Well another helpful hint for you guys out there.
It turns out that alot of the applications used in Debian Sid for example are gtk3, and unfortunately look very ugly against the older gtk2 themes. :(

So on my system for example, gedit which I love to use, looked aweful while mousepad (xfce's editor) looked just right.

So to get gtk3 applications to theme correctly as well, I googled orta gtk3, and found a solution

1) Download the gtk3 orta theme from
Top-rght button to download

2) Then just extract everything and copy the "gtk3.0" folder from the extracted file to ~/.config.

Props to

You dont even have to log out for changes to take effect ;)

The cool thing is that this works with any other theme. You just need to find a port of the theme to gtk3




5 years ago

Debian + Xfce + Compiz + Emerald + Orta = crazy delicious !!!

GNOME's got nuthin on this.

After I installed the theme using the python script I couldn't get gtk window decorator to change from Adwaita - a relic from my GNOME enviroment - which sucks by the way ....

So I installed Emerald following guide on this page


Then I went to Xfmenu>Settings>Emerald Theme Manager

Select "Import" and navigate to the folder extracted from the theme's zip file, opened "Emerald" folder and imported the decorations "Orta.emerald". Success !!

Super Easy, Super cool....
Thank you for an awesome theme



6 years ago

Is there someone working for an KDE-Port?



5 years ago

You can use Bespin. Bespin isn't a "port", but you can get the same look (if not exactly) using it.



6 years ago


Thanks for very good theme!

But I have many problems with LibreOffice. This is a screenshot with Orta 1.4.1 theme: http://disk.jabbim.cz/johnnycage@jabbim.sk/soft/with_error.png
and this is screenshot without Ortha theme (theme is Clearlooks): http://disk.jabbim.cz/johnnycage@jabbim.sk/soft/without_error.png

second problem is the cards, which is on the left of bottom (List1, List2, List3): the cards is very small.

third problem is gray rectangles with font name and font size.

This is my configuration:

Gradients - default
Tabs - smooth
Expanders - engine default
Scrollbars - normal
Nautilus - style for default nautilus
Menu - light menu with a squared menu item highlight
Panel - light panel
Fixes - Opera 11, glitches with openoffice

My system: Debian Wheezey, Gnome 2.30.2



6 years ago

so, after changing and setting various X Settings I wanted to ask if its me, the nvidia drivers or just the theme.

The performance is so f***ing bad. So I changed back to a "normal" theme that`s included in gnome.

If I change workspace (every program I run is on its own workspace in X. 2 gnome-terminals on 1st and 2nd, xchat on the 3rd, chrome on 4th and thunderbird on 5th)

I have set transparency on Gnome-Terminal (in the profile options) and xchat (in the preferences).

I have composite enabled on xorg.conf.
But the cpu usage goes up to 100% if I change workspaces.

Anyone has an idea?

Much appreciated!



6 years ago

nobody any idea?

btw, I'm on gentoo linux. Gnome with composite.

Just switching workspaces causes high cpu usage. That can't be normal, can it?



6 years ago

fixed patch. the old Orta_patch.txt was still inside :)




6 years ago




6 years ago


I fixed this theme yesterday :)

I wondered myself why there were these file errors in ~/.xsession-errors:

(gnome-appearance-properties:7875): capplet-common-WARNING **: Could not open file "/home/mephisto/.themes/Orta/gtk-2.0/Styles/Panel/Styles/Panel/panel.rc"

and some more files could not be found!

Notice the double Styles/Panel/ !

Then I found in every .rc file the include directive is wrong!

there it says: "include "Styles/Panel/panel.rc""

And I changed it in: "include "panel.rc""

and no more error messages :)

Here is the patch: http://pastebin.com/CKipR5BQ

I hope I made the patch the right way. Let me now if it doesnt work. I made it this way:

diff -u --recursive --new-file -x settings.rc -x ~settings.rc ~/Downloads/Orta/extracted/Orta/gtk-2.0 ~/.themes/Orta/gtk-2.0 > Orta_patch.txt



6 years ago

This is the most beautiful theme I have ever used.But how can I make all the panel transparent???Please look at here,I want your help

the left of the up panel cannot transparent,how can I solve it??



6 years ago

i have made (re-edit) a theme for firefox / stylish

After installing stylish and this script the inactive tabs are black.



6 years ago

PS. Best in combination with strata xp for linux 5.0




6 years ago

Thanks to the Orta Settings Manager I have been able to change the little details of the theme. The care the author had taken to fine tune this theme is absolutely perfect.

Thanks very much.



6 years ago


I have the problem visual glitches, i am using Mandriva Spring 2010.2 Gnome version but the fix "Select this if your menus and panel have visual glitches" not work and yet i have the same problem.

Help me, i like so much this theme, i need fix it.



6 years ago


I have the problem visual glitches, i am using Mandriva Spring 2010.2 Gnome version but the fix "Select this if your menus and panel have visual glitches" not work and yet i have the same problem.

Help me, i like so much this theme, i need fix it.



6 years ago


Awesome theme man!! Cleanest and most beautifull I've ever seen :)

But take a look here:

How is this rendered?



6 years ago

How did you manage to put the close/maximize/minimize buttons to the right?


7 years ago


- Synaptic fix for gtk2-engines-pixbuf version 2.20 and older.

- Main menu icon size reverted to 22.

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