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This is a pretty cool star trek sound theme for Ubuntu. I'm running Karmic. The sounds are courtesy of This really is a neat sound theme even if you aren't a star trek fan, try it out. Just unzip with root to /usr/share/sounds and then go to System-Prefs-Sounds and choose startrek as the sound theme.

Possible Bug: Some of the sounds aren't played by karmic upon event. I have a workaround for this: backup your Ubuntu sound theme (/user/share/sounds/Ubuntu/stereo), delete the audio files in that folder and replace with the sounds from the archive. If anyone knows a fix for this, feel free to let me know, I'm new to karmic and it'd be greatly appreciated =).

Here are the paths I use for pidgin. I can write a theme file for it if someone really wants it but in pidgin its pretty easy: Preferences-Sounds and after unzipping put in these paths (of course you can use whatever sounds you want)

Buddy Log In: /usr/share/sounds/startrek/stereo/service-login.ogg

Buddy Log Out: /usr/share/sounds/startrek/stereo/signoff.ogg

Message Recieved: /usr/share/sounds/startrek/stereo/message-new-instant.ogg

New Msg Rcv'ed: /usr/share/sounds/startrek/stereo/newim.ogg

Message Sent: /usr/share/sounds/startrek/stereo/imsent.ogg
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8 years ago

1.1 -- added signoff.ogg, newim.ogg, imsent.ogg


7 years ago

These exploit a security vulnerability in FFMPEG: see CVE-2010-4704 and CVE-2011-0480.



8 years ago

you have to set permission 644 for all the soundfiles to let them being played



8 years ago

Can U tell me how do I do that please?


8 years ago

1.1 -- added signoff.ogg, newim.ogg, imsent.ogg

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