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The new Ubuntu "Light" Radiance theme comes with the minimize and maximize buttons inverted. This Metacity theme puts them back: minimize-maximize-close

Since I only had the .png files I did my best but it's not 100% perfect. Still, I think it looks just fine.

To install it, extract the archive and copy all the files to /usr/share/themes/Radiance/metacity-1, overwriting the original files (make a backup first). Then change the Metacity theme to any other theme and then choose Radiance again to apply the changes (kind of like a restart of the theme).

To order the buttons "minimize-maximize-close": press ALT + F2, enter: "gconf-editor", navigate to apps > metacity > general and change the button_layout value to: "/apps/metacity/general/button_layout" (without the quotes).

Note: this is just a slight modification of the Radiance theme (minimize and maximize buttons inverted), not my creation!

More info and comments: http://www.webupd8.org/2010/03/download-radiance-with-minimize-and.html
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