Windows7-Aero (Cinnamon+ GTK3/2)
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Cinnamon theme requires StarkMenu


3 months ago

This theme is no longer good anymore, there's way better Themes than this now for the Aero look...



2 years ago

theme not bad, but the name is. Keep on making nice themes, and make new nice designs too.

There are more complete clones of win7 aero on gnome-look , that are working better don`t break your system . b.t.w

I do also recommend you to fix your metacity theme.

Have a nice day and do fix the litlle bugs on your theme, please ! Its good to see different approaches for the same things ( three nearly but not completly finished ones are on the net at the moment as fas as i know, winate, your approaches and bluedxca93s themes).




2 years ago

I tested theme on my PC and all windows' titlebar is black, buttons aren't transparent, no bottom start menu, no right-aligned buttons, no icons, no controls theme.
I've installed it, then i've unistalled.



3 years ago

Wow, Brahim! You have done some very interesting things here.
Great consistency between the gtk2 and gtk3.
Well done.


product-maker feren Aug 08 2017

This theme is no longer good anymore, there's way better Themes than this now for the Aero look...

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