DoneByMe :

1. Well I have created all the conkyrc config files (a hell lot of adujustments as this is my first conky theme) and I'm not using any script for displaying weather report.
2. I've created a mapping file (grayscale/data/compare) compare which is used to map the code from weather.xml file to different appropriate weather characters from conkyweather.ttf font. Because of this mapping file there is no need to have a separate script for weather or to fetch icons from different sources, and hence things becomes a bit efficient and lightweighted. So all we have to do is to use "curl" for fetching weather report.

Credits :

I have inherited ideas and materials(like scripts, icons, fonts etc.) from following places :
1. Conky by Pressian( and StyleBats font)
2. Conyky Google Now by Satya ( reference)
3. RSS Scripts by curiousx ( and omgubuntu rss scripts)
rss_scripts.tar.gz (
4. #! Junkie ( ) (conkyweather.ttf font)
4. To the creator of conky-all and the fonts I used.
5. Clementine Script by aaronlewis1989 (

And I also give credit to every single person on earth who created or hacked even a single theme of conky and shared with all the users round the globe.

Screenshots Differences :

1. Nvidia enable and Clementine Running
2. Network activity and Caps/Num Lock Showing Caps and Num Lock ON indication.

1. Nvidia disable and Clementine Running
2. Network activity and Caps/Num Lock Showing nothing i.e. both Caps/Num is off.

1. Nvidia disable and Clementine Off
2. No network activity and Caps/Num Lock Showing nothing i.e. both Caps/Num is off.

Reason :

Ok, this is a conky which consists pretty lot details about your system. I didn't used much graphics because I wanted to monitor as much detail as I can and that too in very clear manner i.e. in terms of characters and figures.
Next I seriously hate having icons on my desktop, hence I tried to use every possible inch of desktop for monitoring several important details. :)

Dedication :

This conky is dedicated to all the people who loves GNU/Linux and are working hard to make it more better.

Note :

I've also bundled weather icons from Satya, #! Junkie, and form yahoo weather if in case somebody like to replace the conkyweather font with these wonderfull images.

Important Note :

Parameters like vOPENGL, No. of Cuda cores i.e. #CUDA, Total Graphics Memory i.e. memTOTAL in grayscale/conkyrc/net_hdd conky config are unlikely to change on a praticular system. So there are two alternatives:
Line 114 displays these values without fetching it. All you have to do is to mention these values there only ( in conkyrc file net_hdd ) once fetched
using proper command. Because fetching these values make this conkyrc a bit heavy and add a bit delay as well.
OR you may fetch them directly all the time using conkyrc net_hdd file and nvidia-settings as shown in Line 115. As you wish......

Dependency and Installation :

Every single detail about dependency and installation is mentioned inside the file grayscale/readme
In case of any issues do notify me via comments.



3 years ago

I've just tweaked the conkyrc config files under dir grayscale/conkyrc/ by adding more comments, all the details required in readme file and corrected few small errors like Desktop(Current) info was not correct etc.
So no big modifications.


3 years ago


But i found a bug in the weather window: it can sometimes show multiple weather symbols in a column because grepping by code \'9\' (for example) in ~/.grayscale/data/compare may give more than one lines. Changing line

${voffset -10}${offset 20}${font conkyweather:size=140}${color1}${execi 1800 grep $(grep \"yweather:condition\" ~/.cache/weather.xml | grep -o \"code=\\\"[^\\\"]*\\\"\" | grep -o \"\\\"[^\\\"]*\\\"\" | grep -o \"[^\\\"]*\") ~/.grayscale/data/compare | cut -d \" \" -f 3}${color}${font}

in .grayscale/conkyrc/weather_date to

${voffset -10}${offset 20}${font conkyweather:size=140}${color1}${execi 1800 grep \"^$(grep \'yweather:condition\' ~/.cache/weather.xml | grep -o \'code=\\\"[^\\\"]*\\\"\' | grep -o \'\\\"[^\\\"]*\\\"\' | grep -o \'[^\\\"]*\') =\" ~/.grayscale/data/compare | cut -d \" \" -f 3}${color}${font}

fixes this issue for me. It greps not by code number solely but by \"^ =\".




3 years ago

It looks great! I like the weather symbols very much



3 years ago

Thanks....but the actual credit goes to the person who created conkyweather.ttf.......



3 years ago

You have done a big job, congratulations.



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