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I had a hard time finding audacious presets so I downloaded winamp and saved all the presets as eqf's. so that you can load them onto yours. to load them unzip it, then go to audacious player/equalizer/load/from winamp eqf file and select which eqf file you want from the list to save it as a preset so you can go back to it later go to presets/save/preset then type the same name from the file. simple enough ya? cheers
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1 year ago

Thank you :)
I too, created the account just to thank you.



5 years ago

So many people have thanked you here that, to ask this question makes me feel like a bit of a fool. I recently switched to ubuntu 13.04 and just today I loaded audacious. I downloaded your eqf folder and extracted it onto desktop. Next, what do I do? I can't find the path you mentioned in your post.



7 years ago

THANX MAN it is simple to just ad the f to eq but if you do not know you can bang your head agaisnt the wall coz you will never guess

thanx for putting them here ready to go




9 years ago

I made an account just so that I could leave this comment. After hours of searching for these presets and continuously running across the same old, broken, link I found yours. And you, my friend, are a god among men.


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