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A little customization of Conky Lua Rings with Gentoo website colors and Gentoo logo.

* Adapted for 8 cores
* Exactly the same colors of Gentoo website
* Compatible with Guayadeque (depends on conkyGuayadeque)
* Added a status bar for the battery
* Added last portage sync
* Added nvidia GPU temperature

How to instal it:
* As the original conky script edit the conkyrc and change the line: ${font ubuntu:size=12}${color FFFFFF}${alignr}${weather LQBK LQBK my city, find the code for your city:
* Copy clock_rings.lua to: ~/.lua/scripts
* Copy conkyrc to ~/.conkyrc file
* Copy Gentoo logo to ~/.conky/gentoo-logo.png

* If you don't use guayadeque just comment the line ${color 7A5ADA}${font ubuntu:size=8}Guayadeque: ${color FFFFFF} ${execi 10 conkyGuayadeque --datatype=AR -n} - ${execi 10 conkyGuayadeque --datatype=TI -n}
* If you don't have an nvidia chip just comment the line ${color 7A5ADA}${font ubuntu:size=8}GPU: ${color FFFFFF} ${nvidia temp} degrees

* app-admin/conky with at least "X imlib iostats lua lua-cairo lua-imlib nvidia wifi" use flags enabled
* app-admin/conkyguayadeque (available at sunrise overlay)
* media-fonts/ubuntu-font-family

The name "Gentoo" and the "g" logo are currently trademarks of Gentoo Foundation, Inc


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Helloween?, really? I thought I was the only one that even knew who they were, never mind listened to them, then again, I knew there was someone else,......You're the other one, nice to see you


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