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Plymouth Themes by Duke93
Port of the original Kubuntu 6.10 boot splash for Plymouth
boot bootsplash plymouth bootscreen linux unix splashscreen
Apr 23 2021


GRUB Themes by henrique42henk
" folder with root privileges to /boot/grub/themes/ Edit /etc/default/grub and add: GRUB_THEME=/boot
grub-theme theme boot cyberpunk cyber linux unix splashscreen grub burg bootscreen
Sep 10 2020

Avdan Windows 10 11 Boot

Plymouth Themes by aeregeneratel38
Plymouth theme from Windows 11 Concept by Youtuber Avdan
linux unix splashscreen plymouth bootscreen boot windows win
Jun 20 2020

Best GIMP Splash Screen

Gimp Splashes by nunezf
First splash screen for this great desktop, just extract it in /home/USER/.gimp-2.6/splashes and restart the program. if you don't have a folder splashes, then just create it. This is one of the great splash screens that I will upload, these splash screens bring a fresh touch to the app as...
addon gimp splash screen boot
Feb 11 2019

Griffin Grub

GRUB Themes by Shenron
Griffin Grub is a GRUB theme that will provide a new modern look to your GRUB boot menu. It works
grub linux ubuntu gnome boot unix splashscreen burg bootscreen
Oct 24 2019

Mageia Boot Screen

Plymouth Themes by isylumn
How to Install Boot Themes * 1. Copy the new theme under /usr/share/plymouth/themes/ $ sudo
mageia mandrake boot screen linux unix splashscreen plymouth bootscreen
Aug 07 2019

Star Labs Plymouth Theme

Plymouth Themes by starlabs
Star Labsesque plymouth theme On Ubuntu, Linux Mint, elementaryOS Install: sudo add-apt-repository ppa:starlabs/ppa sudo apt update sudo apt install starlabs-plymouth Uninstall: sudo apt remove starlabs-plymouth On Other distributions Install: sudo cp -r starlabs-logo/...
boot bootsplash star labs linux unix splashscreen plymouth bootscreen
Jan 09 2019