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Distro Grub Themes

GRUB Themes by adisoncavani
A pack of Grub themes for each Linux distribution. Supported distributions: - Arch Linux - Arco Linux - Antix Linux - CentOS - Debian - Deepin - ElementaryOS - EndeavourOS - Fedora - FreeBSD - Garuda - Gentoo - KDE Neon - Linux Mint - Manjaro - MX Linux - openSUSE - Pop! OS - Rocky Linux -...
burg bootscreen arch grub grub-theme grub2 linux splashscreen unix ubuntu
Aug 02 2021

Vortex Ubuntu

Plymouth Themes by e-s-coder
A simple editable splash screen inspired by the Atom Editor website with a futuristic design and a elegant progress bar. The theme has animations that makes the stripes rotate at different speeds giving a vortex effect. You can easily change the background color to whatever you please...
plymouth splashscreen linux unix vortex ubuntu bootscreen animated animations editable
Dec 24 2020

Deb10 Plymouth Theme

Plymouth Themes by maurom
Debian à la Windows 10 boot splash theme for Plymouth Based on Pure CSS Windows10 Loader by Fernando de Almeida Faria and Plymouth theming guide (part 4) Installation wget ...
plymouth splashscreen linux bootscreen unix
May 22 2018

Aurora Penguinis Plymouth 2 Theme

Plymouth Themes by lion-d-gem-heart
Please vote up if you like my work and think about donating 1 or 2 $ ;) This is part of the aurora penguinis family - see below. # Aurora Penguinis Plymouth Theme 2 Aurora Penguinis is a modern, colorful plymouth theme for the bootup of linux PCs. It consists of an elegant small...
unix splashscreen linux plymouth bootscreen
Nov 16 2015

Ubunut Spinner Logo Plymouth

Plymouth Themes by on3xyzZ
Install instructions included in read me file!
bootscreen linux splashscreen plymouth unix
Feb 03 2015

GRUB2 gfxmenu Breeze styled theme

GRUB Themes by andreaskai
Breeze is the style for the plasma 5 desktop and the idea is to have a continuous breeze style from the beginning to the end so here is my example of an plasma 5 breeze styled grub2 menu. for discussion please use the comments or the kde forum...
unix linux splashscreen bootscreen burg grub
Jan 03 2016

Arch-logo plymouth

Plymouth Themes by carlosmolines
Arch-logo is a remake of ubuntu-logo plymouth, based on debian-logo plymouth: To install follow the instructions in the file README If you like, vote in favor, please
bootscreen unix linux splashscreen plymouth
May 20 2011

Azenis Plymouth Theme

Plymouth Themes by xqtr
Changed the INT2MIL plymouth theme to match the Azenis theme/wallpapers Works fine in Ubuntu 10.10, 1920x1200 resolution. I am sure it applies to other resolutions too.
bootscreen splashscreen plymouth linux unix
Jan 06 2011

Time for Linux

GRUB Themes by snowhog
Grub Legacy Bootsplash created from an original image created by Oliver Amrein ( Image downloaded from with no user copyright notices posted or otherwise identified with the image or on the hosted site.
unix linux splashscreen grub burg bootscreen
Nov 20 2010

GFXBoot message.Snaiya

GRUB Themes by merlwiz79
I made one for Ubuntu(1st screenshot) and one for Linux Mint(2nd screenshot). [b]Ubuntu file:[/b] message.Snaiya-ubuntu [b]Linux Mint file:[/b] message.Snaiya-mint Compiled from source, not a modified message.suse. Artwork from...
linux splashscreen unix bootscreen burg grub
Dec 14 2007