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Linux Distro Logos - Mac OS Style Boot Splash

Plymouth Themes by eren16
Install Example; $ sudo update-alternatives --install /usr/share/plymouth/themes/default.plymouth default.plymouth /usr/share/plymouth/themes/linux-penguin/linux-penguin.plymouth 800 $ sudo update-alternatives --set default.plymouth...
bootscreen bootsplash linux plymouth splashscreen unix
Jun 09 2022

Vortex Ubuntu

Plymouth Themes by e-s-coder
A simple editable splash screen inspired by the Atom Editor website with a futuristic design and a elegant progress bar. The theme has animations that makes the stripes rotate at different speeds giving a vortex effect. You can easily change the background color to whatever you please...
ubuntu vortex animated animations editable linux unix splashscreen plymouth bootscreen
Dec 24 2020

Spinning Dandelions Linux Mint 18(Ubuntu 16.04) Bootsplash

Plymouth Themes by drakic2
YouTube demonstration: - Open terminal and then type: $ wget $ tar -xvzf 1469177233-dandelion.tar.gz $ sudo cp -r dandelion /usr/share/plymouth/themes/ $ sudo...
bootscreen linux plymouth splashscreen unix
Jul 22 2016

Blur grub

GRUB Themes by gabrielgry
Just run: sudo ./
1024x768 bootscreen burg grub linux splashscreen unix
Mar 08 2018

Poly dark

GRUB Themes by Shevchuk
Simple dark GRUB theme Supported languages: Chinese (simplified), English, French, German, Italian, Norwegian, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Turkish, Ukrainian Installation / update: ⋅ Download and unpack theme ⋅ Review and run installation script: bash ⋅ Enjoy! (you can now dele...
abstract bootscreen burg geometric grub linux minimalism splashscreen unix
Apr 23 2018

Grau GRUB Theme

GRUB Themes by LegendaryBibo
A minimalistic GRUB theme with red and grey as its main colors. To install, just run the script with root privileges in a terminal and you'll be asked a few questions. Enjoy! :) If you have any further questions, first check the README, and feel free to ask me here. To...
bootscreen grub burg linux unix splashscreen
May 11 2013