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MacOS Boot Plymouth

Plymouth Themes by nilotpal
macOS boot plymouth for linux
unix bootscreen plymouth splashscreen linux
Feb 18 2020

Aurora Penguinis Plymouth 2 Theme

Plymouth Themes by lion-d-gem-heart
Please vote up if you like my work and think about donating 1 or 2 $ ;) This is part of the aurora penguinis family - see below. # Aurora Penguinis Plymouth Theme 2 Aurora Penguinis is a modern, colorful plymouth theme for the bootup of linux PCs. It consists of an elegant small...
bootscreen plymouth linux unix splashscreen
Nov 16 2015

Fun_With_Linux_2 plymouth

Plymouth Themes by pegellinux
Fun With Linux V 2.0 plymouth theme come with New look, more animated and Funny ^_^ Note : in some screen resolution, this plymouth may not working or look properly. Please feed back to me if you have any problem when using this plymouth , so I can try to fix that problem as long as I...
bootscreen unix splashscreen linux plymouth
Aug 09 2011