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Plymouth Themes by martybug
It's awesome and minimalist Plymouth theme for Fedora Install: Download the attachment and explore it. Then move the directory to the /usr/share/plymouth/themes.
fedora linux unix splashscreen bootscreen plymouth
May 15 2023

Ventoy Theme in 4 different Colours

GRUB Themes by atroesch
Ventoy Theme in Brown, Blue, Green and Red
grub-theme ventoy linux unix splashscreen bootscreen grub burg
May 06 2023

SE98 Plymouth theme

Plymouth Themes by nestoris
Windows 98 Second Edition startup animation for Linux Plymouth screen. The installation script works with Arch/Manjaro etc. For installing under Debain/Ubuntu/Mint read about "update-alternatives". The product is very raw, but workable! Logoff (shutdown) screen is currently in Win95 style with...
bootscreen linux logon plymouth retro se98 splashscreen unix win98 windows
Apr 14 2023

Darwin Plymouth

Plymouth Themes by LozanoJack
An awesome, sophisticated and minimalist Plymouth Github repository: Installation: ------------- 1)_ Copy darwin folder (uncompressed from tar.gz) to /usr/share/plymouth/themes/ 2)_ Run this commands: $ sudo update-alternatives --install...
bootscreen linux plymouth splashscreen unix
Mar 22 2023

Dark Matter GRUB Theme

GRUB Themes by ghost-black
[b][color=#1EB0C9]Dark Matter GRUB Theme[/color][/b] is a dark polished GRUB theme collection for variety of Linux distros. For the [url=]PREVIEW[/url] and...
grub grub2 grub-theme bootscreen bootsplash linux unix splashscreen burg
Mar 03 2023

Argon GRUB Theme

GRUB Themes by dragon8oy
A simple and minimal GRUB Theme Installation instructions are in the README :) Check out my other projects: - Argon Icon Theme: - Alphabetical App Grid GNOME Extension: - Remove App Menu GNOME Extension:...
grub2 grub-theme minimal linux unix splashscreen grub burg bootscreen
Mar 01 2023

Kubuntu Violet with Asus logo

Plymouth Themes by lucasio99
A violet Kubuntu & ASUS logo plymouth theme for Asus computers running Kubuntu obviously.
asus bootscreen kubuntu linux plymouth splashscreen ubuntu unix violet
Feb 05 2023

Lenovo Dark Grub 4k

GRUB Themes by sudsarkar13
Grub theme for Lenovo users
bootscreen burg grub lenovo linux splashscreen unix
Jan 23 2023

Fate Series GRUB Theme

GRUB Themes by 13atm01
GRUB Themes with the theme from the anime Fate Series, 16 versions available with 7 characters. You can choose a theme according to your waifu [Installation] Download the theme you want -->> extract it -->> open terminal in the GRUB Theme folder you want to install -->> sudo...
anime animegirl bootscreen burg cute elegant grub linux splashscreen unix
Dec 09 2022

Distro Grub Themes

GRUB Themes by adisoncavani
A pack of Grub themes for each Linux distribution. For more preview images check wiki page - If you like this content, you can give a star to Github project repository - Supported distributions: -...
grub grub2 grub-theme ubuntu bootloader linux unix splashscreen burg bootscreen
Dec 10 2022