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Load Linux 2 Animated Plymouth Theme

Plymouth Themes by lisabonne_citadel
This is a custom theme for your os boot. The following commands works in ubuntu derivated distros... if dont work it please make a search on google. copy the loadlinux2 folder to usr/share/plymouth/themes open the terminal and run the following commands sudo ln -sf...
unix bootscreen splashscreen plymouth linux
Apr 02 2017

Cool Plymouth Theme for Ubuntu or derivated distros

Plymouth Themes by lisabonne_citadel
first thanks to Anaron from deviantart here is the original subject link : I was able to put this one working on Linux Lite and is awesome. I modified the hexadecimal background to dark grey and looks very...
unix splashscreen linux plymouth bootscreen
Mar 24 2017

Solarized Dark Materialized

GRUB Themes by kcraft
I've taken the amazing work of AEVERNUM and CHARLIEHENSON and combined them, along with changes to the progress bar to give you this gorgeous boot screen. Make your Windoze friends super jelly ;) How to Enjoy. 1.Unzip with software of Choice. 2.Copy output to /boot/grub/themes/ (or grub2...
unix linux splashscreen burg bootscreen grub
Aug 16 2017

Anonymous-Hope Grub Theme

GRUB Themes by PowderLinux
Anonymous-Hope theme for Grub2 bootloader. ____________________________________________________________________________ Supported languages: Chinese (simplified), English, French, German, Norwegian, Portuguese, Russian, Ukrainian. DISCLAIMOR: I am not involed with, nor associated with...
themes unix splashscreen linux hope grub grub-theme grub2 burg bootscreen anonymous
Aug 05 2018

Captain America Plymouth

Plymouth Themes by vikkimnm
If you find any problem please message me. You will definitely like the Shutdown Screen ;) :D To install it: 1*Extract the content of this file in /lib/plymouth/themes 2*Execute: $ sudo update-alternatives --install /lib/plymouth/themes/default.plymouth default.plymouth...
plymouth splashscreen linux unix bootscreen
Jul 12 2016

The Geeko

Plymouth Themes by World-fly
Simple plymouth splash for your openSUSE :) Geeko on black background with change color from green(dark) to white(light).
unix linux splashscreen plymouth bootscreen
Mar 09 2015

Words Plymouth theme for openSUSE

Plymouth Themes by World-fly
Simple plymouth theme for openSUSE
linux splashscreen plymouth bootscreen unix
Jan 10 2015

Mageia Minimal Plymouth

Plymouth Themes by lucaspatis
# su # cp -r Mageia-Minimal /usr/share/plymouth/themes/ # plymouth-set-default-theme -R Mageia-Minimal # reboot
bootscreen unix plymouth splashscreen linux
Mar 24 2013

SpaceFun Fedora Plymouth theme

Plymouth Themes by CrysisGod
Fedora Remix of Debian 6.0 Squeeze SpaceFun theme. To install the theme, copy the plymouth-theme-spacefun-fedora.tar.gz file to your home directory, then open a terminal and type the following (without $ and # sign): $ su # yum -y install plymouth-plugin* # tar --directory=/...
bootscreen unix plymouth splashscreen linux
Jan 09 2013

MLP: Bootsplash is Magic - CMC_Spin

Plymouth Themes by Schiwi
My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic Plymouth Bootsplash Cutie Mark Crusaders version Thanks to [url][/url] for the Picture To install on *ubuntu, extract the file and run as sudo cp -R ./cmc_spin /lib/plymouth/themes/ ln -sf...
unix plymouth splashscreen linux bootscreen
Dec 08 2011