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Autumn GRUB Theme

GRUB Themes by LegendaryBibo
Tired of that drab looking GRUB bootloader? Spruce it up with a fun looking theme to remind you of Autumn! To install, simply uncompress the tar file and run the script with root privileges (sudo, or su) in the terminal and run through the two or three questions, or you can use the...
burg bootscreen grub unix linux splashscreen
May 14 2012

XBMC Burg Theme (burg default theme MOD)

GRUB Themes by SKiLLCode
XBMC Theme for BURG bootloader (burg default theme MOD) [url][/url] ATTENTION: DON'T TRY TO USE THIS THEME WITH GRUB OR A SIMILAR BOOLOADER!!! Created by Enrico Franceschini (SKiLLCode) Copyright 2011 Enrico Franceschini. This theme is licensed under GNU...
unix splashscreen linux grub burg bootscreen
Nov 03 2011


GRUB Themes by voral
GRUB2 bootsplash size: 1024x768. Install: 1. Extract from archive 2. Copy png-file to /boot/grub/ 3. Edit file /etc/default/grub 3.1 Uncomment line GRUB_GFXMODE= 3.2 Edit to GRUB_GFXMODE=1024x768 4. excute 'update-grub' command
linux splashscreen bootscreen burg grub unix
May 19 2011

bug bootsplash

GRUB Themes by GT1967
opensuse grubsplash message-file inside a picture made by me... copy the file "bug" to /boot and edit menu.lst to "gfxmenu (hdX, X) /bug"
grub burg bootscreen unix splashscreen linux
Apr 13 2011


GRUB Themes by txen
Theme for an unified boot process in openSUSE. How to install the Grub Bootsplash ---------------------------------- 1) Extract the tar.gz archive 2) Move the extracted folder "Suse.Logo.Green" into "/etc/bootsplash/themes/" 3) Edit file "bootsplash" in "/etc/sysconfig/" and...
unix linux splashscreen bootscreen burg grub
Sep 14 2010

BlueCurls grub2 screen

GRUB Themes by hirakendu
BlueCurls grub2 background. Copy the file BlueCurls.png to /boot/grub/BlueCurls.png. Add the following lines to /boot/grub/grub.cfg (to the preamble before the menu entries): [quote][indent]insmod png background_image /boot/grub/BlueCurls.png[/indent][/quote] . You may also need the...
grub burg bootscreen unix splashscreen linux
Jul 31 2010

Grub2 Splash Image

GRUB Themes by pii
Make the grub look nice than before. This package is compatible with Ubuntu 9.10 (karmic) and also Ubuntu 10.04 (lucid) LTS. Note: If you have only one operating system, press SHIFT button when loading grub2 or you can disable grub hidden timeout
grub burg bootscreen linux splashscreen unix
Jun 03 2010

Grub2 Fingerprint

GRUB Themes by Phylu
[b]What is Grub Fingerprint?[/b] It is a splash screen you can use as background in Grub. [b]How to install?[/b] On Ubuntu Lucid Lynx use: sudo add-apt-repository ppa:phylu/boot-fingerprint sudo apt-get update sudo apt-get install grub2-fingerprint On other distributions download the...
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May 18 2010

vitruvio for grub2 with burg

GRUB Themes by ruben0909
1. sudo apt-get install burg 2. uncompress the file in /boot/burg/themes 3. press t in boot to select vitruvio
grub bootscreen burg unix linux splashscreen
May 11 2010

grub splash screen-rain after sunshine

GRUB Themes by powerpunch
just paste the file in /boot/grub/ and edit /boot/grub/menu.lst and paste without quotes "splashimage=(hd0,6)/boot/grub/22436-sunshine.xpm.gz" your boot partition maybe find ur partition Open TERMINAL type without quotes "sudo grub" den type at grub prompt without...
linux splashscreen unix grub bootscreen burg
May 09 2010