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GradientGuy GRUB Theme

GRUB Themes by 1337kid
GradientGuy is linear gradient based GRUB2 theme that can be customised. For customising this theme with your favorite colours, visit the GitHub repo.
bootscreen grub grub2 grub-theme linux unix splashscreen burg
Apr 26 2023


GRUB Themes by 1337kid
NoiceGRUB is a collection of linear gradient based GRUB2 themes that can be customised. By default NoiceGRUB comes with 3 templates and 6 presets. For generating a theme of your own, visit the GitHub repo Presets in the image view: GradientGuy from "TheMan" template Noice from "Noice"...
grub grub-theme grub2 bootscreen bootsplash linux unix splashscreen burg
Apr 26 2023

ZX Spectrum 1080p

Plymouth Themes by mr287cc
This retro ZX Spectrum inspired bootsplash will take you back to the days when you watched yellow-and-blue magic on the border while waiting for the game to finish loading. Installing: sudo ./ Testing: sudo ./ For installing under Debain/Ubuntu/Mint read about...
plymouth bootsplash zx-spectrum linux unix splashscreen bootscreen
Apr 16 2023

Amiga Inspired Guru Meditation Plymouth Theme

Plymouth Themes by Tweak
Amiga Plymouth Theme including all modes : Boot-Up, Shutdown, Updating, Suspend, Resume, Logout, Reboot. Animations have been added. Everything else has been updated. May not appear exactly as the image does, depending on the version you install. The latest version is for Lunar Lobster.
amiga amigabuntu bootscreen commodore kubuntu linux plymouth splashscreen unix
Apr 15 2023

SE98 Plymouth theme

Plymouth Themes by nestoris
Windows 98 Second Edition startup animation for Linux Plymouth screen. The installation script works with Arch/Manjaro etc. For installing under Debain/Ubuntu/Mint read about "update-alternatives". The product is very raw, but workable! Logoff (shutdown) screen is currently in Win95 style with...
bootscreen linux logon plymouth retro se98 splashscreen unix win98 windows
Apr 14 2023

Darwin Plymouth

Plymouth Themes by LozanoJack
An awesome, sophisticated and minimalist Plymouth Github repository: Installation: ------------- 1)_ Copy darwin folder (uncompressed from tar.gz) to /usr/share/plymouth/themes/ 2)_ Run this commands: $ sudo update-alternatives --install...
bootscreen linux plymouth splashscreen unix
Mar 22 2023

Dark Matter GRUB Theme

GRUB Themes by ghost-black
[b][color=#1EB0C9]Dark Matter GRUB Theme[/color][/b] is a dark polished GRUB theme collection for variety of Linux distros. For the [url=]PREVIEW[/url] and...
grub grub2 grub-theme bootscreen bootsplash linux unix splashscreen burg
Mar 03 2023

AV Lunix 3 Ani-01 Plymouth Theme

Plymouth Themes by Markospoko
AV Lunix 3 Ani-01 plymouth theme is a modern boot theme with nice loading animation to signify use of Linux with focus on Audio and/or Video, esp. users that create, great if you use distro which is dedicated for AV such as AV Linux, KX Studio, etc. but not only, and if you rather consume a lot...
audio bootscreen linux plymouth splashscreen unix video
Feb 27 2023

Ventoy Purple Theme

GRUB Themes by diegoduarte
This Ventoy Purple Theme is for Ventoy Multiboot USB Drive. Install . . . [PT-BR] Extraia o arquivo compactado e copie a pasta "ventoy" para a raiz da partição onde estão seus ISOs. [ENG] Extract the compressed file and copy the "ventoy" folder to the root of the partition where your ISOs are ...
bootscreen burg grub linux purple splashscreen theme unix ventoy
Mar 02 2023

Argon GRUB Theme

GRUB Themes by dragon8oy
A simple and minimal GRUB Theme Installation instructions are in the README :) Check out my other projects: - Argon Icon Theme: - Alphabetical App Grid GNOME Extension: - Remove App Menu GNOME Extension:...
grub2 grub-theme minimal linux unix splashscreen grub burg bootscreen
Mar 01 2023