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Urko Mint Dark Plymouth

Plymouth Themes by Urko31
Urko Mint Dark is a theme for Plymouth, the boot splash tool for Linux. It's designed with Linux Mint in mind, but can be used in any installation that uses Plymouth. It is mainly based on Dark Mint by Josep Sayol and it is intended to be used in conjunction with the Grub GFX theme of the same...
unix themes linux-mint linux plymouth splashscreen bootscreen
May 07 2018


Plymouth Themes by antofox
Plymouth theme for Devuan Gnu/linux
unix linux splashscreen plymouth bootscreen
Sep 04 2016


Plymouth Themes by chescos7
bootscreen unix linux splashscreen plymouth
Dec 13 2015

Starry Night Plymouth Theme

Plymouth Themes by lion-d-gem-heart
Please vote up if you like my work and think about donating 1 or 2 $ ;) This is part of the aurora penguinis family - see below. # Starry Night Plymouth Theme Starry night is a simple but elegant Plymouth theme, showing the word linux and a diving penguin. A moving star indicates that...
bootscreen unix linux plymouth splashscreen
Nov 17 2015

Aurora Penguinis Plymouth Theme

Plymouth Themes by lion-d-gem-heart
Aurora Penguinis is a modern, colorful plymouth theme for the bootup of linux PCs. It consists of an elegant small linux text, fading in and out acompanied by a swimming penguin. The background stays blank cycling through several colors. Sources ======= Aurora Penguinis is based on...
unix plymouth splashscreen linux bootscreen
Nov 16 2015

Cinnamon Plymouth

Plymouth Themes by amorpher
Installation: ------------- cd /lib/plymouth/themes/ sudo cp -r path/to/cinnamon-plymouth/ ./ sudo update-alternatives --install /lib/plymouth/themes/default.plymouth default.plymouth /lib/plymouth/themes/cinnamon-plymouth/cinnamon-plymouth.plymouth 100 #choose cinnamon-plymouth...
bootscreen unix linux splashscreen plymouth
May 25 2015

Ubuntu Dark Logo Plymouth Splash Screen

Plymouth Themes by on3xyzZ
Dark modification of default Ubuntu 14.04 splash screen. Dark Ubuntu Logo Plymouth Screen 1) Download file to the desktop 2) Open terminal Ctrl+Alt+T 4) cd Desktop 5) tar -zxvf dark-ubuntu-logo.tar.gz 6) sudo mv dark-ubuntu-logo /lib/plymouth/themes 7) sudo...
linux plymouth splashscreen unix bootscreen
May 02 2014

colors-metro plymouth

Plymouth Themes by caezsar
A plymouth theme inspired by Download deb file and install using command line ,using gdebi.
bootscreen linux splashscreen plymouth unix
Feb 03 2014

Minty Plymouth Bootsplash for Linux Mint

Plymouth Themes by Brahimsalem
To install: --Copy Minty folder to /lib/plymouth/themes Type to terminal: sudo update-alternatives --install /lib/plymouth/themes/default.plymouth default.plymouth /lib/plymouth/themes/Minty/Minty.plymouth 100 sudo update-alternatives --config default.plymouth select the number...
unix bootscreen linux splashscreen plymouth
Jan 07 2014

MAC OSX plymouth theme (Maveric)

Plymouth Themes by nived
To install this ---- Step 1. type " gksudo nautilus " - in a terminal Step 2. Just copy the PAW-OSX Folder to --- /lib/plymouth/themes/ . Step 3. open the "default.plymouth" with text editor. Step 4. Goto the PAW-OSX Folder and open the "paw-osx.plymouth"and copy the...
unix linux splashscreen plymouth bootscreen
Nov 23 2013