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Plymouth Themes by Rudd-O
Presenting a GDM theme for Fedora and other platforms using the Plymouth splash screen manager. It supports password and interactive prompts, progress throbber, boot messages and nice fadein / out when appropriate. This theme requires the script plugin for Plymouth. Most distributions come...
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Feb 04 2012


Plymouth Themes by Fobnny
[b]PT[/b] Um tema simples, baseado no visual OS X, com scripts de 'Fun_With_Linux_2'. Para quem está indeciso entre tantos visuais bonitos ou não existe um com a marca da sua distribuição, este tema é uma boa escolha! [b]ES[/b] Un tema sencillo basado en el aspecto OS X, con guiones 'Fun...
linux splashscreen plymouth bootscreen unix
Oct 13 2011

Kubuntu Logo Stripes

Plymouth Themes by pepedopolous
I wanted a seamless boot from GRUB2 to the desktop. So here is the default kubuntu-logo Plymouth splash screen with the stripes wallpaper instead of the usual gradient. I also removed the gear from the logo as it looked odd with this wallpaper. If you want to change the wallpaper,...
bootscreen unix plymouth splashscreen linux
Mar 24 2011

Ubuntu_green_2_1 Plymouth

Plymouth Themes by pegellinux
Ubuntu Green V 2.1 NEW Ubuntu Green V 2.1 come with more animated plymouth, so tray this plymouth...!!! be fun with Ubuntu_Green ^_^ how to use: open your terminal: go to : cd /lib/plymouth/themes/ sudo cp -r /home/***/Download/Ubuntu_GREEN_2_1/ ./ (note : *** = is...
bootscreen unix plymouth linux splashscreen
Feb 17 2011

Ubuntu_green Plymouth

Plymouth Themes by pegellinux
Thing Green !!! The Ubuntu_green Plymouth is created and modification from Paw-OSX Plymouth. ^_^ how tu use: open your terminal: go to : cd /lib/plymouth/themes/ sudo cp -r /home/***/Download/Ubuntu_green/ ./ (note : *** = is a your user directory, so change it as your...
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Feb 14 2011

Lmint Plymouth

Plymouth Themes by hellokitten
This is a Plymouth theme created for Linux Mint. I take no credit for the coding, that goes to Erik Johnson's Seven Plymouth Theme 0.1. on A dot grows into the mint leaf and the LM is traced on top, then lens flare traces the LM till GDM2 starts. Hope you enjoy the theme. ...
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Sep 08 2010


Plymouth Themes by cauch
A plymouth theme script based on Vizta Required: plymouth-plugin-script To install: -extract the tarball -copy the directory 'FedoraVizta' in /usr/share/plymouth/themes/ - plymouth-set-default-theme FedoraVizta - plymouth-update-initrd
plymouth splashscreen linux bootscreen unix
Aug 17 2010


Plymouth Themes by koikahin
Black variant of the amazingly simple-yet-elegant fedora 'charge' theme ( Hope you like it! :) To install: 1. Install plymouth. 2. Unzip this file to /usr/share/plymouth/themes/ folder. 3. Set this theme by default. In case of fedora 11 the...
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Jul 15 2009

Arch Glass Bootsplash

Plymouth Themes by AngelusNoctis
1. tar -xvjf arch-glass-tripple.tar.bz2 2. mv arch-glass-tripple /etc/splash 3. splash_geninitramfs -v -g /boot/arch-glass-tripple -r 1280x1024 arch-glass-tripple 4. Add "splash=verbose,theme:arch-glass-tripple" on the "Kernelline" on /boot/grub/grub.conf or /boot/grub/menu.lst 5. Add...
bootscreen linux splashscreen plymouth unix
Dec 14 2007