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Sunrise Gtk Themes

GTK3/4 Themes by g-nome
-Light - SunRise-Dark - Sunrise-Compact - Sunrise-Compact-Light - Sunrise-Compact-Dark [b] Installation
gtk3 themes gnome dark light linux unix theme
May 30 2023

Victory Gtk Theme

GTK3/4 Themes by newhoa
Victory is a bright, flat, and minimalist Gtk theme. This theme was made using, and primarily for use on, Xubuntu and Lubuntu but should work fine with any XFCE/LXDE-based or any Gtk2/3-based distro (Gnome, Solus, etc). No Gnome shell theme is provided, but all apps should theme fine. File...
clean flat gnome light linux simple theme unix
Dec 22 2021