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GTK3/4 Themes by paulxfce
[color=#5b8089][b]Desert [/b][/color] [color=#7a7a7a]Made by [/color][b]Paulxfce[/b] [i]This is the first theme in which I tried not to use white and grey, but a muted yellowish-dark-brown color palet. Designed to be light, crisp, and simple, this theme is thoroughly built and tested...
gtk-4.0 gnome-40 linux unix theme gnome
1 hour ago

Yaru Mono

GTK3/4 Themes by Initu
Metacity and Cinnamon themes unified with neutral colors for Yaru, Yaru-Remix and Yaru-Colors.
linux unix theme gnome
9 hours ago

Plane dark skeuomorphic

GTK3/4 Themes by nestort
This is a modification of the already wonderful Plane theme ( made by wfpaisa. I've used the dark 3.36 version. I have converted it to a more skeuomorphic theme, by making buttons and sliders look three-dimensional, with shadows and highlights. Also, pressed...
3-d dark blue glowing skeuomorph linux unix theme gnome
2 hours ago


GTK3/4 Themes by eliverlara
[B]Description[/B] GTK themes inspired by epic vscode themes [B]Installation:[/B] 1.- Extract the zip file to the themes directory i.e. ~/.themes/ or /usr/share/themes/ (create it if necessary). 2.- To set the theme in Gnome, run the following commands in...
linux unix theme gnome
16 hours ago


Full Icon Themes by l4k1
[B]Icons for Dark Plasma Theme [COLOR="#00849e"] [B]IOTA-Plasma[/B] [/COLOR] , which you can download: [url=][COLOR="red"] Here [/COLOR][/url] Based on Default [COLOR="#00849e"] [B]Breeze[/B] [/COLOR] Icons Icons for Light Plasma Themes [COLOR="#00849e"]...
linux unix icon-theme
1 day ago


Full Icon Themes by l4k1
[B]Icons for Light Plasma Themes Based on Default [COLOR="#00849e"] [B]Breeze[/B] [/COLOR] Icons Icons for Dark Plasma Themes [COLOR="#00849e"] [B]IOTA-Dark-Icons[/B] [/COLOR]: [url=][COLOR="red"] Here [/COLOR][/url] ---------------------- Icons:...
linux unix icon-theme
1 day ago


GTK3/4 Themes by madmaxms
developed for use on Linux Mint. The theme was tested under: * Cinnamon (Linux Mint) --primary * GNOME
linux unix theme gnome gtk4
21 hours ago

ZorinOS 16 bootsplash

Plymouth Themes by Brahimsalem
- executable file
linux unix splashscreen plymouth bootscreen
21 hours ago


GTK3/4 Themes by darkomarko42
Theme for Budgie Desktop (also support pantheon, xfce, unity and mate Desktop ) *GTK 3.24 * 9.2 fix budgie settings toolbar borders fix row and tree view selections to match with gtk2 fix focus entry border fix gnome terminal flat button fix .category-label color fix entry icon...
marwaita blue minimal gtk3 budgie linux unix theme gnome
14 hours ago

Neon Ultra Icons

Full Icon Themes by sajith
Neon Ultra Icon Pack For KDE Desktop &Deepin Os Special Thanks-Catalina Icons updated some Icons (15-05-2020) updated lot of icons
icons apple linux unix icon-theme
1 day ago