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Mint-Yz - The Linux Mint Mint-Y now in energized colors

Full Icon Themes by SebastJava
the latest for an exact color match between the GTK and the icons. This fork from linuxmint/MINT-Y-icons
cinnamon linuxmint linux unix icon-theme
Jan 24 2021

Mint-Yz - The Linux Mint Mint-Y now in energized colors

GTK3/4 Themes by SebastJava
THE NEW COLORS OF A NEW ERA ‚óŹ The interface of all your software and the entire desktop is now rejuvenated, modernized. This is a fork from your reliable Mint-Y theme. It is the standard Linux Mint GTK theme now in a new edition with more energized and readable colors. This Mint-Yz works well ...
cinnamon linuxmint mate xfce linux unix theme gnome
Dec 25 2020


Cursors by ooxxvv
Cursor theme, just simple & colorful There are many definition of cursor on X11 cursor theme, but that is too complicated for me. I realize that only few cursors are used in almost of time when I working on computer in these years. So, I create this theme to collection a lot of definitions...
linuxmint linux-mint xfce xfce4 linux unix cursor
Sep 05 2018


GTK3/4 Themes by ooxxvv
, #F0F0F0 to #E4E4E4 License Base on Mint-Y theme of Linux Mint - Xfce (
xfce4 linuxmint linux-mint xfce linux unix theme gnome
Sep 05 2018


GRUB Themes by ooxxvv
GRUB 2 Theme with the background that is Taiwan city style About the background picture * The background picture was downloaded as my wallpaper for years. I don't really remember where I download that. * After I search that via Google recently (2018), I believe the souce should be...
linux unix splashscreen grub burg bootscreen linuxmint linux-mint xfce xfce4
Sep 05 2018